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Frets on Fire

2 days ago lol .. I found a new vice jejej xD play Frets on Fire ... Erm is it for me because the new hehe .. new

Frets on Fire is an open source music video game competition winner development Assembly demo party game of 2006. It is written in Python and uses the library Amanith. Alternavida
is a Guitar Hero xD and as for me, is something that I love, and now because I already addicted lol hehe this very good game besides that I can download songs to rock the internet and also it is FREE: D hehe
is available for Windows and Linux is very good lol they were strongly recommend lol Luis Alberto Leal Rojas

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hair Extensions Brown With Blonde Highlights

not much to see ... Mikeman's Site

has little to do with the world of Linux that I'm always talking, but this is what I use now ... pure, but things are not entirely free the snap hehe with 100% of free applications. Luis Alberto Rojas Leal

Desinstalar Acer Arcade Deluxe

this package gives you new to the family

Que sera .........?

with curiosity and with the participation, I invite you to participate, hoping that the better off with it. More Information

The rules are simple and clear. For the lazy who do not want to look here you have them:

1. You will have to publish a post linking this post, entitled Mikeman's Site gives you this package.

2. Share the draw mode you will have to invite Meme to 5 posts to participate in the contest.

3. And finally you will have to leave a comment on this post so you can review and FREE list to the list.

inviting all Sergio

Jorge Mauricio Javier Cano

Diana and everyone else we acumplir this goal

How To Make Baby Carriage Diaper Cake?

because in these days, then returning my Palm T / X and "really return the palm nuevesita jejeje new command me after 2 months as complaints 8000000000000 hehe xD but good and then my laptop died, I hope to support the hard drive and external drive works with small modifications hehe and then we yesterday I buy another laptop ... it was that fast, but good because I bought an aspire one and it looks good, I hope it is, and more because my girlfriend can use xD jeje

Alprazolam For Public Speaking

Geek .. bye = (

and after 6 years, finally retired my Geek .. my laptop = (.. with her growth since high school, working with the great caracterisitcas

Processor: Celeron M 1.5 Ghz
Ram: 256 MB
DD: 30 GB
OS: Debian 4.0 and Windows XP (by school)

and that worked for a long time, I hope that the new no jeje weno take his place but I really need ara: D

Luis Alberto Rojas Leal

Expected Lab Values For Cellulitis

SerMol Updates

days ago because i was repairing a machine, because among so many things, I discovered I had another hard drive lol and because in my home, I have a machine connected as a network server all I have.

and you upgrade the hard drive, now I have 160 Gb LOL and for the truth has a very good space on disk to complete distribution of software and I have in the house, plus I also bought RAM memory and now I have 1 GB hehe that emotion 1 Gb,,,, even the newer pc that comes with

but hey, I hope he makes more time ... Luis Alberto Rojas Leal

Opalescence Does It Expire?


Monday, January 12, 2009

Sample Congratulations For Pregnancy

Learn They look about building Applications for Palm webOS

Learn about the Palm® Mojo™ Application Framework, and Palm Mojo SDK – Tools to support the Palm webOS operating system

Palm just announced a new platform, Palm webOS, and the first device on that platform, the Palm Pre™. Developers will be able to build apps on Palm webOS using the Palm Mojo Application Framework and SDK, available for free later this year.

While we can’t reveal everything about Mojo just yet, we can tell you that developers will use standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build native Palm webOS applications. So any developer who can create software for the web has a head start developing on our new platform.

Also, if you Have a Palm OS application and build a That version runs on Palm webOS, users will Be Able to migrate data from your Palm OS application to your new application.

To learn more information and to subscribe to an RSS feed That will keep you up to date with the latest news about the Mojo and Mojo SDK, please visit The Palm Developer Network.

How To Fix Ironing Board Mechanism

Tips for Getting a six pack abs six pack

One of the areas of the body men more interested in having us is perfect in the abdominal muscles. In this article we will review some knowledge about them and give them some tips for better

When you look at a man, much of the observation of their physical causes focuses on the abdominals. True, also pays attention to the pectoral (chest) and arms, but the muscles of the abdomen are carried most of the looks.

We can ask any woman and they tell us that beyond any other area that attracts particular, the area is commonly called stomach and lower abdomen is always must be very careful for the man they sound really attractive. Surely

be thinking at this time as we can get to get a six highlighting when we have to display this summer at the beach.

To this we dedicate this article, but not just giving some tips for exercise allows us to work, but also adding some explanations that do not usually talk much in this kind of note, so you can understand even a little better as each part is working, why and what we can and can not wait to get the fruit of our efforts.

Because obviously, not that anything is possible, however much effort we make. Let

then straight to the advice and information we have regarding the issue that concerns us. Feeling


there anything else that is important to consider when talking about the abdominal muscles. And it is something that we can see quite easily, simply by paying a little attention to our own body.

Where are your abs? Not found in the central part of our body? Therefore, it is not likely to meet an important role?

The answer is yes, they do. The abdominal muscles support most of the body, support the weight, allow the entire structure conforms us to develop different movements correctly, supported by the core muscles (abdominals, back and waist).

Therefore, if the muscles in that area are particularly weak or have some sort of problem, it affects the rest of the structure, which can cause different types of physical problems, posture, pain or movement .

back pain (mainly in the lower part of it) is commonly one of the problems that can occur with greater intensity. To cope, we must strengthen the middle with the exercise and work.

As we can see, we are not talking now of a purely aesthetic as it might seem at first, but there is a significant burden of health and welfare that accompanies it and that we must serve as a major incentive to decide to really devote every effort to get a six in perfect shape. We do not have a single reason, but we have several.

Unfortunately, exercise and hard work are not the only factors that we have be considered in regard to having some abdominal muscles that stand out above those of all other persons in any beach or pool.

nature also plays an important role (totally central, in fact, impossible to put aside) and in most cases (and not just when it comes to putting the body in shape) is impossible or at least extraordinarily difficult to make this change any of their designs.

Maybe we're asking how is that nature is introduced into the subject that interests us in this trying time. The answer is actually very simple: what makes it so that it enters most of our lives, at least in regards the physical state of our body, through genetics.

Genetics determines virtually all features of our body, which also includes the ways in which it reacts to external stimuli and to what we do with him. Therefore, it also determines how our body accepts the exercise and is modified by it.

This means clearly that beyond that we have a great abdominal workout, which for someone else to be highly effective, if our genes have other plans for us, it will make it slightly more complicated need more work.

is very simple: we can not pretend that our bodies can not give. Want it impossible not only useless, but we also end up being completely counterproductive because it leads us to discourage us because we never get the results we are pursuing.

What we have to aim is to get the best possible for our own genetic characteristics allows us to obtain. This can point and this is what we will accomplish.

also none of this means that we should not try to have the best possible abdominal routine. It simply means that since the nature seems to have been eager to give us the body of an advertising model, we must work leading us in the right direction to have the best body possible, without trying at any time to stop being ourselves, with all that that implies.

fattening foods

us probably will want the process to achieve a body in accordance with our wishes as simple as possible. For this, there are other things we have to take into account other things that we must be careful. So, not only the physical work, exercise, the area where we need to pay attention.

Nor is the genetic aspect the only thing to keep in mind. There are other areas, some very important, where we have to make efforts and sacrifices in order to make all that sacrifice (because, as much as we like to go to the gym, there is always some amount of it) we are doing through physical activity does not become useless. Or even better, is one hundred percent effective.

As can be imagined (and not so to be working hard with the mind) we are referring to the diet, which is what they eat and how we do it.

Diet, when we intend to achieve a goal (as in this case get to have a six pack notables), must be commensurate with the activities that develop, but also that the body needs to have. And it must follow a logical choice to help us at work and not go against it.

Unless we change our diet, exercise a lot of work to do, they will never really be in the physical form we are seeking. It is useless to work and work, depressed and not only achieve our goals to achieve.

The second in importance, then, upon entering training pace is to find a low fat diet that enhances what we are doing and allow the body to lose weight (if necessary) and modeled naturally.

is always best to consult a nutritionist for us to prepare a list of foods especially according to our physical and genetic characteristics. No two people are alike, so every diet should be tailored to the particular shape of each individual.

also, having said that, we give a few quick tips that will surely eliminate some habits we have:

- Remove all unnecessary fats in our diet.

- Reduce as much as possible income carbohydrates in the body.

- Do not eat at night high carbohydrate foods, even if we have not used the maximum permitted to throughout the day. Examples of foods high in carbohydrates include bread and pasta.

Another thing worth marking is that if we are suffering from excess weight is most likely not notice the effect it is having on our body exercise. Think that the layer of fat is above the muscle. Therefore, the abdominals and not cover allows us to see outside.

routine exercise, if carried out with dedication and the right way (in terms of number of repetitions number of runs, types of exercises) undoubtedly will have the effects we are looking forward, will mark the abdominal muscles will make them much more defined and will harden.

Of course, if this happens, but we can not appreciate from the outside, then surely we will feel a bit disappointed, to say the least. In other words, we are getting the benefit in terms of health issue, but lose the other aspect, that of ourselves as we see ourselves.

On the other hand, it is healthy to be overweight, so everything points to lose weight is the key.

When the fat layer disappears Finally, thanks to proper diet and cardio, so if we notice how our abs are marked and hardened.

The solution to all your problems is in this Great Book published by Michael Geary, author of international bestseller, "The Truth About Abs. This book will change your methods drastically and your body will eventually be defined and a six pack abs.

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Blueprints Horse Cart

Why PHP mascot is an elephant?

Although not a technical issue, the question of why PHP mascot is an elephant is something that many developers do not know. The picture above shows how the creators of the generated pet the elephant.

addition, reading this article about the logo and other curiosities of PHP, also found that there are up elePHPhant Teddy, though it seems an issue no matter how trivial, such elements are used at times to "evangelize" on use of PHP, give more presence to the subject of PHP in the workplace, etc.

I present some images of elePHPant and some links in case you want more information on how to buy and where to come across this issue.

If you want to know more about the elephant review here

Thursday, January 1, 2009

How To Watch Movies Off Usb On Dvd

The Any dream xD jejejej

the dream of anyone who has do with some systems, electronics, mechanics, career ... it is to find a job here ...

Russianbare Fotos Gratis

Laws must not forget Continued ...

the three laws of robotics

are a set of rules written by Isaac Asimov, which most robots of his novels and stories are designed to meet. In this universe, the laws are "mathematical formulas printed on the trails positronic brain" of the robots (what we now call ROM). Appearing for the first time in the story Runaround (1942), provides:

1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, let a man come to harm.
2. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law
3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law

This wording of the laws is the conventional way in which human stories are set out, his real form would that of an equivalent set of instructions and more complex in the brain of the robot. Asimov

attributed the three laws to John W. Campbell, had written that during a conversation held on December 23, 1940. However, Campbell says Asimov and had thought, and simply the expressed between the two in a more formal. The 3 laws

appear on a large number of Asimov's stories as they appear in all his series of robots, as well as several related stories, and the series of novels featuring Lucky Starr. They have also been used by other authors when they have worked in Asimov's fictional universe, and there are frequent references to them in other works, both science fiction and other genres. Zeroth Law

The Zeroth Law of Robotics is a variation of one of the laws of robotics, which first appeared in the book of Isaac Asimov, Robots and Empire. This law could only be enunciated by a dying robot, R. Giskard Reventlov, after having to kill a human being trying to defend a future benefit for the whole of humanity.

This discussion makes a much more advanced robot humaniform, R. Daneel Olivaw begin to assimilate the Act, would end up being defined as "A robot may not injure humanity or, through inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.", Leaving the three laws of robotics to be always modified lower binding to this new law.

The existential problem that arises is the definition of humanity, since it is not a mathematical value, it difficult to gauge when deciding the course of an action by a robot. Features of this difficulty may be found in novels like The boundaries of the Foundation or Robots and Empire, in which a robot Solaria defined as a single human creature that has a certain linguistic features. Luis Alberto Rojas Leal

Tricks To Rolling Navy Neckerchief

Laws must not forget


Moore Moore's Law states that every two years approximately doubles the number of transistors on an integrated circuit. It is an empirical law formulated by the co-founder of Intel, Gordon E. Moore on April 19, 1965, compliance with which it has been shown to date.

In 1965 Gordon Moore said that the technology had a future, that the number of transistors per inch on integrated circuits had doubled every year and that trend would continue for the next two decades.

Later, in 1975, changed its own law by stating that the rate would drop, and integration capacity will double approximately every 24 months. This progression of exponential growth, doubling the capacity of integrated circuits every two years, is what is considered Moore's Law. However, Moore himself has expiry date to their law: "My law will be fulfilled within 10 or 15 years from 2007 -". As stated in conference in which he said his prediction, however, that a new technology will come to replace the current one.

The direct consequence of Moore's Law is that prices fall while climbing performance: computer worth $ 3000 now cost half the following year and will be obsolete in two years. In 26 years the number of transistors on a chip has increased 3200 times.

is now applied to personal computers. However, when processors were not made, invented in 1971, no personal computers, popularized in the 1980's.

At the time of writing the article originated His law, Moore was director of Fairchild Semiconductor laboratories. Later in the summer of 1968, Intel created along with Robert Noyce, one of his colleagues in both companies.

Moore is wrong to say that his law would not be met within 10 or 15 years since the Israeli company has created lenslet EnLight265 processor that is 1000 times faster.

Reed Act

Reed's law is the assertion of David P. Reed says that the utility of large networks, particularly social networks, scale exponentially with the size of the network.

The reason for this is that the number of subgroups of potential network participants is 2 ^ N - N - 1 \\,, where N is the number of participants. It grows much faster than any of the two:

* the number of participants N, or
* the number of possible pairs of connections (which follow Metcalfe's Law)


Metcalfe law Metcalfe says that the value of a communications network increases proportionally to the square of the number of users of the system (n2).

first formulated by Robert Metcalfe in regard to Ethernet, Metcalfe's law explains many of the effects of network technologies and communication networks like the Internet or World Wide Web.

law usually illustrated by the example of fax machines: a single fax machine is useless, but its value increases with the total number of fax machines on the network, because it increases the number of people you can communicate. Luis Alberto Rojas Leal

Honeywell Thermostat Rth2310b Installation Manual

count of 2008

using the tools offered by google, I can check how was the performance of my blog, is a very good: D


What Is Axaying Aluau

Migrating from HD

migration, backup, whatever you want to call ... is the most tedious part of an update, in these days of vacation, I support my test server, adds a 40 GB hard drive IDE jeej that no longer exist lol but hey, is to support programs, database and web server, I have the evidence.
hopefully now if I go more problems with the files lol, because then I lose then I will put
jejeje locations as I am doing and I'm using. Luis Alberto Rojas Leal