Sunday, February 27, 2011

Size Difference Magnum

Office for Google Docs integrates worldwide

Last November, Google announced Cloud Connect, a plugin that integrates Google Docs and Microsoft Office and was initially released for a limited group of users, until today.

From now on, Cloud Connect is available to be downloaded and used by users around the world, which can synchronize with Microsoft Office Office Google's online platform, because it is a plugin that integrates with Microsoft Office 2003 , 2007 and 2010 in the Windows operating system.

As I had mentioned, Cloud Connect hosts the content in the cloud and allows multiple users to edit documents in Word, Excel or PowerPoint at the same time.

software Microsoft Office is one of the most popular worldwide, with approximately over 750 million users, and given its popularity is not surprising that Google update service, even from Microsoft believe that it will not succeed.

"We are aware that Google recognizes the demand for Office by users, but we believe that Cloud Connect does not meet the needs of the people," said the director of Microsoft Online Services, Clint Patterson.

Reinstalling Wlan On Dell

First details of the second episode of Sonic 4

A Sonic did not sit particularly well the change of generations of consoles, and so Sega chose to return to the roots as much visual playable Sonic The Hedgehog 4.

After great success of the first episode, SEGA has confirmed that they are currently taking care of the second, giving a slight opinion on development.

brand director of the company, Ken Balough has responbdido users in the company's official forums: "Sega America and Sega Europe are giving their feedback on the second episode. The first episode did very well commercially, and with the support of all we are on track for this second, "he says.

"This also means a larger budget. I really see good ideas being carried out for this second delivery. I will not deny that there were some elements that could be better, and I can say for most games I've worked. That is why the second episode will give us the opportunity to improve, "he concludes.

Fell On My Elbow Swollen

Tiny Wings is the new smash hit from the App Store, is the new Angry Birds?

A game called Tiny Wings is the new phenomenon of Apple's App Store, a simple game as addictive and just 4 days after its premiere Top 1 already paid apps in the App Store in the U.S. and Top 4 in the App Store Chile. All this thanks to nothing more than recommendations of these players , there is no advertising involved - If I am right now Apple just put the application in the "New and noteworthy," as one that should boost sales further. It costs $ 0.99 (99 cents).

The game was created by a young German named Andreas Illiger in just four months. This is a nice bird with wings too small to keep flying for a long time due to "thick" texture and should rest after a few seconds, but a lack of large high hills are good. So as to press the screen stop moving the bird wings and is set to "surf" the hills, holding increasingly More flight. After the jump a few videos.

Success has not been without controversy, the author of a game called Wavespark, NMcCoy, claims that Andreas would have copied the gameplay of the game released just a year earlier.

not tell anyone but I bought it and I'm playing, I'm another addict more. Are we facing the new Angry Birds or be a passing phenomenon?.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1979 Holiday Rambler Imperial 5000

Paradox in the computer world: the risks of being safe

Among the first questions that a company is serious when he wants to achieve a greater level of security, one of the most ruthless is what level of security can you get? It is clear that absolute security does not exist but how much is enough? About that same wish to address these lines. We will

the understanding that there is an organization, different levels of hierarchy, infrastructure, equipment and all kinds of assets. If we consider that we talk about information security, the first thing you should do is to identify information assets owned by the company. After that, we can start with a series of questions sometimes difficult to answer. The first might be: what events might affect my assets? Suppose you have a datacenter with multiple servers, clearly we would face the problem of running out of power, or without an Internet connection. Depending on the degree of effects of these events in the operation of the business, must take certain steps.

In short, what we are doing is a risk analysis. If we delve further into the matter, we see that many of the typical problems facing a company, often the same as those with the other, so will generally not be necessary to reinvent the wheel, because there are even manuals and different methodologies to address the analysis and risk management.

Either way the discussion is not going to know what affects us, but rather how it affects us and what we can do about it. For example, if a defense against a possible alien attack the data center need a series of anti-aircraft guns, our business will probably get no support it, due to the low probability of occurrence of the incident, despite its potential destructive effect. That is, we can minimize the damage caused by the impact of the threat, but to what extent? This is the problem.

Generally there are risk management, not elimination, as they generally can not be removed (unless you remove the asset affected). As the error, the risk can be minimized but not eliminated. In addition, you can download (for example, by an insurance policy) or accept (accept). The decision will be made depending on how much you're willing to spend. To minimize countermeasures are taken, which are aimed at reducing the damage or impact, or even to prevent its occurrence.

In short, the risk must be reduced to a tolerable threshold for the business. If we admit the possibility of losing a sum of money and the company can sustain, the risk is properly managed. As is known, no security decisions are taken based on the technology but the business continuity and improvement.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Soap Notes Example For Ot

Official Trailer "13 oing on 30"
Jenna Rink (Jennifer Garner) wants is to be beautiful and popular. After a humiliating experience with the most popular kid in school, Jenna makes a desperate desire to be 30 years old and famosa.Milagrosamente your wish come true for powder spray Flamhaff his best friend Matt (Sean Marquette) in the house doll dream built for her by the day of his cumpleaños.Ahora Jenna is a girl who has lost almost all contact with their parents, and is having an affair with the husband of Tracy in the art department and is despised by his fellow work. To realize that it was not I really wanted, he returned to his hometown in New Jersey to meet with their parents, then their friendship recueperar childhood friend Matt, with time spent together realizes he is in love with Jenna, but is too late because you can not change the past and is about to marry.

Chikan Gropping Japan

Official Trailer "Just Like Heaven (Just Like Heaven)" Official Trailer

David rented an apartment in San Francisco and the least expected is to share. A day is a beautiful girl named Elizabeth who insists that the apartment is yours. David thinks he has been a huge misunderstanding until Elizabeth disappears as mysteriously as it came. Nothing prevents Elizabeth in and out at will, primarily to chastise David. While David and Elizabeth begin to investigate to discover who she really is and why it reached this point, the relationship becomes love. Unfortunately, they have very little time before his future fade away forever.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

How To Make A Plain Belt Buckle

SERGIO MUR IN THE PREMIERE OF "PRIME" Interview with Ursula Corberó

Sergio Mur, actor 'Physics and Chemistry' , attended the premiere of "Cousins," the new film by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo