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What Could It Be If It Looks Like Ringworm

New Directions ... Working with FOSS

Mexican Association of Mechatronics Mechatronics
Chapter of the System Area Chapter

Primary Tumor Develope From Nerve Tissue Or

as many of us, we know, can not live without windows, such as say, is a necessary evil, because in my view, I have to share the computer because my laptop is up and running hehe xD because I spend the afternoon, then installing free applications in Windows Vista from my great xD
as I have and I need to work for a days ... Firefox

* * Open Office Gimp

* * Blender
* LEX / YACC or not lol but runs well and I had to use JavaCC

since I need to make some compilers for a matter of my career, which is ejejje systems programming ... the truth is interesting and the Dragon book explains everything very well: D

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On occasions, many of my friends from electronica, are suffering a lot with that of PIC and so on and so on .. I PIC programming is ... The

'PIC' are a family of RISC microcontrollers made by Microchip Technology Inc. and derivatives PIC1650 originally developed by the microelectronics division of General Instruments.

The current name is an acronym. In fact, the full name is PICmicro, although generally used as a Peripheral Interface Controller (Peripheral Interface Controller).

The original PIC was designed for use with the new 16-bit CPU CP16000. Being generally a good CPU, it had poor performance of E / S, and CIP 8-bit was developed in 1975 to improve system performance by removing weight of E / S to PCU. The PIC used simple microcode stored in ROM to perform these tasks, and although the term is not used at that time, it is a RISC design that runs one instruction at a 4-cycle oscillator.

In 1985, this division of General Instruments Microelectronics became a subsidiary and the new owner canceled nearly all the developments, which by this time most were obsolete. The PIC, however, was improved with EPROM to get a programmable channel controller. Today many PICs come with various peripherals including (modules serial communication, UARTs, motor control centers, etc.) and program memory from 512 to 32,000 words (one word corresponds to one assembly instruction, and may be 12, 14 or 16 bits, depending on the specific family PICmicro).

and because among many things and deficiniciones, I found, I found a magazine as a Super Brand hehe not dire but it's a pelican lol xD and he was programming the PIC and I liked it, I'm learning to see how a Packed and all those aspects.

as ami me very interested in what is home automation, mechatronics and all these areas, and because I have to know the functions of electronica xD apart
found many useful applications based on Free Software for programming pic as can be. Gputils
PIC Programming in GNU / Linux / node/65
Other more ...

continue to report on these issues because the truth is of great interest for both electronic and for Mechatronic Systems and Luis Alberto Leal Rojas

Monday, December 22, 2008

External Hdd To Sony Tv

PIC Programming Development Plans Coming

While in talks with some friends, started a project to develop a site for mechatronic think they used to ease jejeje

free applications jejeje xD, we are several ways to develop the project, including on emerging between us between me jeje weno jeje I'm the one who puts the ideas xD jeje development is to use a fully developed site or use a site manager
Site Developed
Action: Web Server
Cherokee language

PHP MySQL DataBase

That on the one hand, on the other it would be used.

Joomla CMS
MySQL DataBase
Cherokee Web Server

hehe as for where it is pure free software lol hehe xD I like more than I would be in charge pensare project now hehe well the best option for the site
at the moment the site is This hoping I change it then this is a test. Luis Alberto Rojas Leal

Lips Dry From Too Much Chapstick

Some Memories Part 3

this is the last issue of memories, until today, because these days he attended a congress of mechatronics, the truth estubo well, the truth that if you counted with and also Gnet was given by the students from the race on basic issues for them, expect to see some development but there was good .. hopefully you can see after

and finally lol and on my days osio, I to samborsito hehe and saw a book that caught my attention and then told me hehe I was gonna buy it lol I hope that when they have the Wool hehe

surprised me with the name like I was saying MONO ejeje program in mono so I though, let's hope this good

me goodbye and hope read something of my life. and therefore at this stage we are leaving the coordination of the user group ITVER free software for getting into other projects, I will not let you use free software, so as always I will be supporting the group that has made me grow, we hope that the next coordinator follow with the same enthusiasm and ideas for the group
: D Exitooo

I do not want to advance but my directions are right now in the mechatronics area, hopefully a big change for the better, but always continue to use Free Software: D is the best I have known: D

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Some Memories Party 2

At this time also, I'm metiendome one of my other hobbies, besides the free software world .. that is the mechatronics, I Like this race, but I like it related to her, but in the aspect of software.

these days, there was a robotics course, by the capitulation of mechatronics. who are friends of mine and I really interested in and attended, the truth I am supporting development of a site for the chapter, the truth step by step I'm supporting them because I was the coordinator of the group of free software users ITVER (GUSLITVer )

but in these times she attended learned to build a line follower which to me is my first project ... the more I really want to improve every day in order to program it and because truth is the area that I like best the programming mechatronics

and as slowly as I'm learning and I really like this area, and more than the first half go wrong in logic d eprogramacion hehe I am explaining, but in C on Linux and it hehe Like the free software that
soft3war thereby creating a culture of ebook to them hoping that at some point to use as I use linux hehe

Hopefully the 3 Some of these memories

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Some Memories Part 1

In this period I was not around my blog .. hehe because the truth was very busy, as they have been going great for me because acontesimiento that are relevant, how to support my girlfriend with their subjects hahaha. .. such as probability and statistics bearing on administration jejeje

well I already pass this matter and therefore needs to support what I could, because I discovered that I am better lol explaining or giving talks to explain to one person xD
but hey, among other relevant aspects. was visited by resident hunters to make their practices abroad, the truth became very good friends with the coach and then, but I'm still not stage residences, I can do my social service out, I really very interested in this opportunity
the company that handles these o'portunidades is out and it is something worth invertirne $ 500 USD. but hey, it's an opportunity not to be given twice in life and then finally
jejeje the great, and only awaited review of systems programming xD jajaja

class is a joke but good ay to learn good thing is that I bought my little book of Dragon lol better than the teacher teaches

hehe I hope to Part 2 of these stories that have happened in this time hehe

Monday, November 17, 2008

Florida State Vapor Trail

Mi Mayor SueƱooo

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Women And Male Piercings


abdominal work is one of the most controversial sports,

as most of us make too many mistakes that we have in mind and that are preventing us from evolving. For this reason we will review some of the more usual remedy soon.

Most people who attended the gym believe that more is better, and apply this maxim to practice, especially the abdominal exhausted until exhaustion without realizing that this is a muscle like everything else you need their breaths to recover from the pressure to which we subject every day. It is important that we continue this maxim at face value in order to get trained in a healthy way. Historically

we have been taught that the training should start with the abs, you have to train every day. The abdominals are muscles just like the rest. Yes it is true that they have more resilience than other muscles, but this does not mean that we exhausted and fatigue that will eventually get to a deterioration. It is important to respect the times of rest and not train your abs every day, but two or three times a week has to be more than enough.

train When many are the ones who make endless series of repetitions to work the abdominals. This is a widespread belief, and we always thought that the more the better. Nothing far from reality. The real abdominal training is based on the concentrated work which directly affect the muscles and different parts of the abdominal area. It is therefore essential to conduct exercises focused on the area worked so that they are the muscles that can withstand all the push. In this sense more raw intensity that the number of repetitions that eventually make it work badly and it hurts us to adopt awkward postures.

Another common failure is too long to perform moves when executing the different exercises. Usually in most routines do the psoas into action, as well as the lower back. This is because in most cases by the length of the movements. It is essential, short journeys where the concentration is maximum over the area to working muscles. Along with this we must consider the alignment of the spine, so we should avoid twisting the trunk and turns that can yield an injury.

Another point that we must keep in mind is that not only killing us get a good abdominal tone, but it is essential to remove the fat that covers them and do not let them see. The best way is to do a diet low in calories and fat combined with aerobic exercise such as running, spinning, swimming ... the combination of the three variables is the formula for obtaining a strong and visible abs.

The solution to all your problems is in this Great Book published by Michael Geary, author of international bestseller, "The Truth About Abs. This book will change your methods drastically and your body will eventually be defined and a six pack abs.

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eliminating common errors Want a six pack of film?

Having a toned and lean abs is possible if you combine exercise and proper nutrition.

An expert in personal training and Nutrition has prepared us to get special training. Follow dietary advice also can get the abs of your dreams. You can see it in pictures!

Get a six-pack is the great object of desire of most men, but according Nacho Villalba, head of the fitness of the Metropolitan club, are not always properly trained to do so. "To have good abs is necessary to combine three types of work: Strength, aerobic exercise and nutritional control," said Nacho, master's degree in fitness and nutrition expert. "Aerobic exercise is essential to achieve abdominal area defined, because for many abdominal we do, we never mark if we do not burn the fat that covers them, "says this expert. According

Nacho, "a time to train the abdominals make many mistakes, like forgetting the work of the lower back, muscularly fundamental to compensate the body and prevent back aches and pains, such as the classic lumbago."
This expert also reminds us that training the abdominal area is not just about aesthetics, "Having a strong and good abdominal muscle tone, together with the lower back, help us fix and stabilize the spine," he says.
"Besides the physical training must follow a nutrition plan to help small to eliminate the fat around the abdominal muscles and mark, "said Nacho.

tone and burn
According Nacho Villalba, head of the "body fitness" of some famous, abdominal work requires a work order justified. "We started with the lower abdomen, as it is the weakest, then we would end up the abdominal obliques and the upper abdomen, which is the stronger party," he says. "Following this line of work will help to hold up well in repeats, as superiors would start to get tired before," explains.

addition, the expert noted the importance of abdominal breathing at work, since it promotes working together and tone of the rectus abdominis. "You have to inspire when the abdominal area is in and expel air when you flex the muscle," he explains.
"By toning specific work is necessary to add aerobic exercise (running, cycling, doing spinning, play paddle tennis, elliptical machine ...) to burn the fat on the abdomen," says Nacho. According to this expert, the intensity and frequency of aerobic work will depend on our physical condition. "Intensify aerobic training will also help us further define the abs, which, combined with a good job of toning will help us get the famous "chocolate." We can best be summarized as follows.

- Beginners
Intensity: 40-70% Time: 25-35 My Days: 2-3
- Media
Intensity: 60-70% Time: 40-50 min Days: 3-4
- Advanced
Intensity: 60 -80% Time: 40-60 min Days: 4-5

Nacho gives the following formula to calculate the percentage of intensity we are working on aerobic capacity:

maximum heart rate = 220 - age (35) = 185 beats / Min

For work, for example, 60%, we'll hold the beats per minute at rest, FCB (basal heart rate), and use the Karvonen Formula:

50 FCB + (185 - 50 x 60%) FC = 131

training "Remember that fat burning is preferable to a larger volume of aerobic work that little (even at high intensity), because in this way helps lipolysis (chemical decomposition of body fat)" clear.

The solution to all your problems is in this Great Book published by Michael Geary, author of international bestseller , "The Truth About Abs. This book will change your methods drastically and your body will eventually be defined and a six pack abs.