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Recordings from the movie "Inception"

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Recordings from the movie "Transformers 3 Official Trailer


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How Do A Newborn Bulldog Looks Like


Just six months after starting their love story, Ana de Armas and Marc Clotet have decided to take another step in their relationship and go through the altar. The news has caught by surprise all and sundry in the first place, the speed with which they have taken such a serious decision.

The once star of 'The boarding' and the actor who plays the teacher Cowboy in 'Physics and Chemistry' have always been very jealous of their privacy. They have never discussed their feelings in public but, yes, have gradually become less shy and have gone hand in hand at various public events such as the Rock in Rio Madrid and the recent AIDS charity gala held in the capital .

preparations for the wedding of Ana de Armas and Marc Clotet
commitment Ana de Armas and Marc Clotet took place last November and, as usual in the couple, in complete privacy. Currently, only it has transpired that the wedding will take place next summer, coinciding with the end of the recording of the second season of 'Hispania', which involved the young Cuban.

still too early to know the date and place chosen for this highly anticipated ceremony, and to know some details of the wedding dress, something that Ana de Armas and is thinking. The couple kept the secret locked in preparation for everything to be perfect in your special day.

Ana de Armas, 22, and Marc Clotet, 30, sealed and a love that began taking shape last summer, during a weekend at the beach. Since then its history has gradually strengthened to the point that Ana and is a member of the family of her boyfriend, whose father is the renowned Dr. Bonaventura Clotet, one of the international eminence in the study of HIV. Both families are delighted with this celebration we advance will be talking about.
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Fer just announced its decision through large waves radio, and want to take the plunge soon. Everyone gets to work, but will face some complications not only because of the immediacy, but by circumstances. Yoli, as a good organizer, have a great idea, but needs the support of someone very special ... But this story is an umpire, a lover David who is going through one of the worst moments of your life ... Gorka

not take it anymore. Paula wants to get and little Isaac Jr., although it is very hard to forgive his unexplained disappearance for months. What Gorka hidden? Why so dramatically broke their relationship and now reappears still in love and repented? Paula Is able to forgive? Teresa

hide their relationship in secret is becoming increasingly difficult for Alvaro and Soul. Are you going to be time to stop Alvaro play both sides and decide once and for who wants it? In those circumstances is Daniela, who must settle their status with Salva and Jon before triggering an unpleasant situation.
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emissions Antena 3 Neox Nova and have been defective during the night. For example, at one time the image was pixelated and is repeated on a loop of four sentences on the issue of 'Physics and chemistry. " The video is already on Youtube and the phrase "burn me inside," which is the star of repeated, delivered by one of the protagonists, an exercise in absurdity to the height of the script of the series, is claimed as "trending topic "on Twitter.

The broadcast during halftime of a series of ads that referred to piracy using Images of 'Physics and chemistry "start to make you think of the Internet forums that the mistake has been committed deliberately, to make viewers think about piracy and gain notoriety.

course another option is that they are twisted against the clock trying to solve a serious technical error after what had taken advantage of technical errors Telecinco.

Updated: Antena 3 has explained this morning that this incident "was due solely to a failure of technical systems of Abertis, a company that distributes the television signal to all operators, and therefore outside the chain." It was impossible to resolve the technical error from Antena 3, so that the loop was to be issued for five minutes, 22.33. and 22.38. The possibility of having been created on purpose is not shuffled in the statement.

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Given the compromising proposal made Fer Borja, it is the nerves because of the importance of the matter. What will Fer? Your decision will be correct? Will your heart?

Now that everything seemed calm between Ruth and Roman, a new impediment will arise between them, that will shake the foundations of the couple. Meanwhile, Alma and Alvaro will to be stunned when he realizes a big mistake, the consequences could be catastrophic not only for themselves.

The new tenant at the home of Cowboy causes much tension in the coexistence of Jorge and Veronica.

In desperation for the debts of the house and the school, Martin is going to make decisions that will appeal to everyone. Can he fix it?
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Monday, November 15, 2010

How To Get Gold Spinning Cross

" Barbie : A Mermaid Adventure "Official Trailer


This is the official trailer for "Barbie: A Mermaid Adventure." Barbie Merliah plays in: "A Mermaid", a champion of surfing in Malibu. Merliah is a normal teenager until she meets a great family secret: a mermaid! Merliah Zuma and his trusty Dolphin plan an aquatic adventure to rescue his mother, the queen of Oceana. With the help of her new friends sirens, Merliah saves the world ocean. At the end discover that what makes you different can become your greatest strength.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Birthday Poem Requesting Money

" Beneath Still Waters "Official Trailer Subtitulado


This is the official trailer for "Beneath Still Waters." An evil supernatural origin is infecting Marinbad village and its people, threatening to spread beyond its geographical boundaries. Some local men get the authorities to build a dam that would flood the village forever, sealing the evil under the sea. But something was down there when the waters covered Marinbad. Forty years later, today, several disappearances and deaths in mysterious circumstances devastate Bari, the town built next to the artificial lake covering Marinbad. Evil people living in the emerging underwater again.


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" Murderer Ninja Official Trailer Subtitulado


This is the official trailer for "Ninja Murderer." Raizo is kidnapped when a child is just the dark clan Ozunu. In its infancy is trained in the art of moving unseen and kill without remorse or second thought. Raizo grow and become the best ninja clan murderer Ozunu. The surprise came when root is betrayed by those who trained him, after years hidden cry the most violent and bloody revenge.


Raised Blood Vessels On Lip

"Intimate Murderer" Official Trailer Subtitulado

This is the official trailer for "Intimate Murderer." Eric, a disturbed young man released from prison on parole after having murdered their parents, but his steps out of prison will be followed closely by the police Cristofuoro, who think they have the assurance that he is a serial murderer potential. This fact adds a strange girl, Lori, who seeks to learn that Eric has been released. Thus, the two begin a journey in search of Maria, a beautiful Latina woman who has haunted Eric.


Japan Chikan Bus Groping

"Murderer at Home" Official Trailer Subtitulado


This is the official trailer for "Murderer at Home." Michael Harding returns home from military school to find his mother in love and living happily with her new boyfriend, David. As the two men will know, Michael begins to suspect more and more of his new stepfather, who nevertheless is always there willing to help those in need. The boy begins to wonder whether David is the man that his mother dreamed of a lifetime or may actually be hiding a dark and dangerous side.


Nadine Jansen &milena Velba

"Assault on Armored Truck" Subtitulado


This is the official trailer of "Assault on Armored Truck." After the death of his parents, Ty Hackett (Columbus Short) returns from active duty in Iraq to deal with a lot of unpaid medical bills, a mortgage and take responsibility for his brother 14 years, Jimmy (Andre Jamal Kinney) . Ty gets a job as a guard at Eagle Shield Security, the same armored truck company he worked for his father. Under the tutelage of his godfather, Chief Michael Cochrane (Matt Dillon), Ty is training for his difficult and, in Many times, dangerous new career.
On the last day of his trial, his co-workers take the young to celebrate. Drink beer and swap stories, reveal flaws in the security system and comment on the failed robbery attempts and those who have been successful. Cochrane has the best story: an unsolved theft in Texas for those who believe have the answer. The only way it could have happened, he says, is whether the guards themselves were the authors of the coup.
When Ty later carried to his house, Cochrane reveals that the incident had been talking to has given him the inspiration to devise the perfect plan. Working with a $ 42 million underway, proposed Cochrane deviate from the path, keeping money in an abandoned warehouse and report the theft. Without victims, bad guys and clueless.
Everything you need to make these six men become wealthier types who could never imagine, is the cooperation of all the guards involved. Cochrane has already convinced the others: the impulsive and impetuous Baines (Laurence Fishburne), the quiet but intense Quinn (Jean Reno), the very nervous and vulnerable Dobbs (Skeet Ulrich) and the ex-convict redeemed Palmer (Amaury Nolasco) . Ty is all that stands between them and their plans for a better life. Initially
Ty refuses to even consider the idea of \u200b\u200bstealing from his company, but the threat of the bank to keep your home and your brother end up in a foster home convinces him to join his comrades, only put one condition: you must promise Cochrane nobody gets hurt.
On the big day, the collection of money takes place smoothly. After making the record with the dispatcher, the men were diverted to the place chosen to hide the money. Full of energy and optimism have to download the money quickly, but an interruption changes the course of events. With his future and millions of dollars at stake, the group of men enters a state of confusion in trying to salvage what they can and in a tragic moment everything changes.


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Official Trailer "Before Starting" Official Trailer Subtitulado


This is the official trailer for "Before Leaving." You only live once why not get out of the routine? That's what they decide to make 2 roommates, terminally ill with cancer, the irrational billionaire (Jack Nicholson) and the cult mechanic (Morgan Freeman), when given the worst news. Then write a list of things before you go, things they wanted to do before you "kick the bucket" - and embark on the greatest adventure of his life around the world. It released a parachute, compete at full speed in a race a Shelby Mustang, admire the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Can they find out what your verdadea felicdad before it is too late? Under the nimble direction of Rob Reiner, the two biggest stars will put their heart, soul, wit and sharpness of this inspirational life story proves that the best moment of all is now.

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"Love without scales" Official Trailer Subtitulado


This is the Official trailer of "Love Without Scales." Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) specializes to dismiss employees for large companies, leading him to travel around the world. After many years spent in the air, is ready to make a connection.
Ryan is a free person lives his life in airports, hotels and rental cars. Everything you need you can upload your small suitcase and is about to meet the goal of his life: Reaching 10 million frequent flyer miles.
All plans will be affected when his boss (Jason Bateman) suggests accept a permanent position. Adding to the attraction he feels for his traveling companion (Vera Farmiga of The Orphan) and by the enthusiasm of a young, upstart efficiency expert (Anna Kendrick, Twilight) Ryan starts to think about what may mean having a real home.


How To Get A Shiny In Heartgold

"Alvin and the Chipmunks 2"


This is the official trailer of "Alvin and the Chipmunks 2" . Alvin, Simon and Theodore, the Chipmunks most famous and funny film back to the big screen to star in a new adventure. In it, Alvin (voiced by Justin Long original) and his companions must face the pressure of school, the problems of celebrity and a group of girls squirrel is making them competitive.

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Spanish Official Trailer "crazy Obsession Official Trailer Subtitulado


This is the official trailer for 'wild obsession. " Sandra Bullock plays the eccentric creator of crossword Mary Horowitz who, after a short but sweet blind date, fall in love with the handsome cable news cameraman Steve. Convinced they are soul mates, Mary follows Steve around the country, motivated by the selfish actions of news reporter Hartman Hughes. Along the way, Mary befriends a number of very colorful people, the thought-provoking about his trip.


How To Change Lenses On A Diana Cameras

" Hard Sell "Official Trailer Subtitulado


This is the official trailer of "Hard Sell." This comedy is about Don Ready (Jeremy Piven), a guy who works as a salesman and arranger of songs and a thousand other things. When called to rescue from bankruptcy a used car salesman, Ready and his team arrive in the town of Temecula, his lifestyle is to drink, sell and go to table dance clubs, but can not imagine what Don is that fall in love and find its soul in the most unexpected.

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What Are Those Bumps On My Balls

" Aita "


This is the official trailer for "Aita". Aita (Euskera father) tells the story of a village priest who cares for an old abandoned house.
The film tries to reflect the blandness of some contemporary art, the English director is concerned about innovate ways to elaborate on the price, intellectualize the expression of emotions that art is pure expression of self, as if everything emanating from the self into the debris, was art.
In the hidden corners of the house reveals a story both intimate and collective.


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Official Trailer" 18 Meals "


This is the official trailer for "18 Meals." It's a life story told in pieces. During the film may travel through 18 meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, making us share in some of those moments that can change a life.
A dozen stories over a single day of fiction: an elderly couple that runs together one of those days that you still have to live together, a street musician who reunited for a few hours, love lost, a cook who wants to sing, a boy who is afraid to admit he is gay his older brother, etc.
These stories, as in life, have an unpredictable course. For 18 meals is an improvisational film. Unlike other films based on improvisation, never rehearse the situation we're going to roll.

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Official Trailer" The Mosquito "


This is the Official trailer of "The Mosquito." The mosquito is an urban drama about a married couple who have no nothing in common other than his son.
The film alternates between Catalan and Castilian but faded on the loves and the absence of love, which inevitably leads to infidelity and emotional relationships dehumanized.
The death of one of the family cats, who live surrounded by animals, only beings by showing some concern, the crisis breaks out and Luis, his only son overprotected by his mother who blames her father for what happened and get it out of the house so.
From that moment begins the dangerous journey to the edge for each of them: Alicia checks how an intentional flirting with the friend of her son, whom she seeks a fondness for unknown brings you great pain, Miquel, also in need of affection, falls into the arms of Anna, a young immigrant who works at home and Luis includes, without flinching, the encounters between her mother and her friend with the only concern of acquiring medication, he says, avoid the pain of their animals.
The film is a snapshot of the moral confusion of the English bourgeois society which brings together elements of tragedy, although it has more of burlesque comedy and drama is also an example of English manners.


Cancer-leo Cuspman In Love

Official Trailer" On the Road "or" Na Putu "


This is the official trailer for "The Way." Problems with alcohol and partying constant cause Amar is fired from his job.
Given the situation, he and his partner, Luna, strive to overcome obstacles that threaten their relationship.
When love enters into a strict Muslim and changed dramatically, Luna, torn, wondering if just love to keep the couple in the way of happiness.


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Official Trailer" Lady From "


This is the official trailer for "Lady De ". The documentary shows us the testimony of several generations of women to that history did not allow them to dream. The only thing they could do was resign and accept born and raised in another era in which their voices, their desires, even his thoughts were silenced.
Over 11 testimonies from different generations and different social classes, the film delves into the resignation of women who were denied their rights and their dreams. People from the countryside, sea and city talk First-time ways of life that "if women were serious."


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Error C00021a Solution

Official Trailer" Nagore "


This is the official trailer for "Nagore. "Nagore" is a documentary about the violent death of Nagore Laffage nursing student at the hands of a resident in psychiatry at the University Clinic in Pamplona during the fiesta of San Fermin 2008.
The documentary features the participation of the mother of Nagore, Asun Casasola, a true "Mother Courage" which is the thread of the story.
The film includes the testimonies of relatives and friends of the victim and the views of the various parties involved in the judicial process: the prosecutor, lawyers for both parties and representatives of groups against gender violence, among others.
The film also contains an interesting footage, images of the reconstruction of the crime with the accused and various fragments of the trial, which was followed live by numerous media outlets throughout Spain.


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Official Trailer" Hunt the Spy "in Spanish


This is the official trailer for "the Spy Game." Actress Naomi Watts and the legendary actor Sean Penn to star in Spy Game, a thriller based on real events. The film is
a look at the dark corridors of political power and is based on the scandal of former CIA agent Valerie Plame (Naomi Watts) whose identity was leaked to the press after her husband Joe Wilson (Sean Penn) publish an article in which he accused the U.S. government of using false arguments to justify the invasion of Iraq.
Such was the scandal that shocked if the U.S. government and caused the resignation of a senior official in the administration of George Bush.
After years of government service, Valerie, mother, wife and agent with an impeccable record, will struggle to expose the truth and save his reputation, career and his family.


Erro: 0x4004f00c Como Resolver

Official Trailer" Rage "


This is the official trailer for "Rage" is a English film genre Thriller, directed by Ecuadorian Sebastián Cordero in 2009. José María Rosa is a bricklayer and domestic maid. Are South American immigrants, working in Spain and the last few weeks are a couple.

José María has a volatile personality and a discussion leads to a violent confrontation with his manager, culminating in the accidental death of the latter. Not knowing what to do, takes refuge in the mansion Rosa works, without saying anything to anyone, not even her.

Hidden in the attic abandoned, José María begins a secret life. Between fantasy and "voyeur", listen and watch all aware of the constant risk of being discovered: stealing food at night, and her only company are the rats in the house. From the shadows, becomes the witness of the sad and lonely life of Mr. Torres, also witnessing the daily life of Rosa on the job.
Rosa is loved by the family, but also a victim of several verbal and physical abuse. Helplessly, José María observes everything as his anger grows.
One day, José María discovers a second phone line at home, and call Rosa, without revealing where it is. They start a relationship long distance, waiting to long for the day when they can be together again. But a new revelation will force José María stay hidden.


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Official Trailer" Just go with it "


This is the official trailer for "Just go with it." First look at this new comedy starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, whose U.S. release is scheduled for February 11, 2011. The film also features among its cast with Nicole Kidman, Bailee Madison and Heidi Montag. All of them led by the director Dennis Dugan.
The film tells how a plastic surgeon, who wants to date a younger professor, asks his young assistant who pretends to be his woman to be divorced, to approach that really is the woman of his dreams. When lies are growing, assistant children are involved, and end all in a weekend in Hawaii that will change everyone's lives forever.

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