Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Chemical Burn Wax Strips


emissions Antena 3 Neox Nova and have been defective during the night. For example, at one time the image was pixelated and is repeated on a loop of four sentences on the issue of 'Physics and chemistry. " The video is already on Youtube and the phrase "burn me inside," which is the star of repeated, delivered by one of the protagonists, an exercise in absurdity to the height of the script of the series, is claimed as "trending topic "on Twitter.

The broadcast during halftime of a series of ads that referred to piracy using Images of 'Physics and chemistry "start to make you think of the Internet forums that the mistake has been committed deliberately, to make viewers think about piracy and gain notoriety.

course another option is that they are twisted against the clock trying to solve a serious technical error after what had taken advantage of technical errors Telecinco.

Updated: Antena 3 has explained this morning that this incident "was due solely to a failure of technical systems of Abertis, a company that distributes the television signal to all operators, and therefore outside the chain." It was impossible to resolve the technical error from Antena 3, so that the loop was to be issued for five minutes, 22.33. and 22.38. The possibility of having been created on purpose is not shuffled in the statement.

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