Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Samsung says it will spend 10 years to have real 3D TV without glasses

While Samsung recently unveiled a prototype of a 3D TV without glasses, will be up in 10 years when you can buy one that permits be viewed from different angles.

The prototype presented last week with a 1080p display, 3D support and 9 points of view - optimum from 2.5 to 6 meters. This product could be available within three years, but Samsung says it is realistic and true 3D TV without glasses, at least 32 points must have vision, so your guests in the room can see the pictures perfectly.

Samsung wants a free TV viewing angles and number of spectators, not one that you limit the number of glasses or points of view and the right distance. However

to get a 3D TV like this, Samsung needs 5 years to develop and will be another 5 to make these sets can afford.

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Twitter migrate to improve their services

Do you know Whale Twitter? Well, if you have ever seen is probably because the service was popular microblogging network to collapse.

Information reaching us indicates that Twitter is quickly making a significant migration to improve their services.

In five years, Twitter has grown exponentially. This essentially given by the large number of users that are logged every day to this network. To maintain this, it is essential to have a very important support software and hardware. On Twitter you know, for that reason, an ambitious migration plan promises to leave behind some of the problems experienced by users in regard to access to this network collapsed.

In this migration, which started in September and until today, have migrated as much as 20TB of tweets. The commitment is not only to maintain what has been achieved, in Twitter redouble their efforts focused on the possibility of further growth in the number of users and tweets.

A very important initiative and that it was expected among users of Twitter, the big winners from this change.

Will we see the sign "Twitter is Currently down for Unplanned maintenance" accompanied by the now legendary whale?

More information: Twitter Engineering.

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Automattic Onswipe is associated with improving the experience of Wordpress from iPad

Starting today all of blogs Onswipe may be used to enhance the browsing experience via iPad. Thanks to a collaboration between Automattic Onswipe and as of today, more than 18.6 million blogs can use Onswipe (formerly Padpress) for Turn your website into a version compatible with HTML5.

Automattic said more than 750 000 page views a day from the IPAD and this figure will grow with the adoption of new tablets.

Onswipe Among the features we have nine color options (skins), cover image, Adaptive accelerometer site, scroll pages by dragging with your finger (swipe), screen, custom loading, viewing comments, sharing options, and customize and add your logo.

is one topic that can be customized in an IPAD, but the platform will come with a full Onswipe large number of issues, support for touch devices, and other sources of sites like Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. On the other hand Onswipe promises that soon there will be social interactions Onswipe everywhere.

people hosting your own blog with Wordpress CMS can download and install the plugin available

Monday, March 21, 2011

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Paramount Pictures released a movie on BitTorrent

After a long fight against piracy occurs through P2P networks, movie studios have finally begun to seek other alternatives to offer their products, adapting to new times.

This time, Paramount Pictures has decided to release a film entitled The Tunnel (The Tunnel) via BitTorrent.

The film, which included production of Distracted Media, offers a plot that takes us to the underground tunnels beneath the city of Sydney in Australia. Terror camera in hand, a formula that has many followers, it seems the proposal of this story, as has been seen.

Beyond this commitment, Paramount Pictures does not abandon traditional media, and will also offer the film on DVD with extra material, and special seasoning.

Will we find more proposals of this type, such as Paramount Pictures offered us?

For now, here we share the teaser trailer for this production: