Monday, March 21, 2011

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The creators of Red Faction and Saint's Row: "Let us make games worth pirating" The turn of HTC

Eric Barker, CEO of Volition Games, has spoken to the British website Eurogamer on piracy lashing platforms such as PC, and it has detailed focus on how to raise this issue in the study creator of Red Faction and Saints Row.

"Some people say the PC is dying. Others say that the PC is the future. This is because PC is the platform variable because it depends on what you have under your arm," said Barker. "For us the key is to make sure your PC games are made in the study. We believe that PC games are great, and if well done by the study are phenomenal."

"I do not think that piracy is something that is on our horizon," the studio executive. "First, and most importantly, we want to ensure we make games worth pirating.'s Develop something worth stealing and then make sure we do not."


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