Monday, March 21, 2011

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Paramount Pictures released a movie on BitTorrent

After a long fight against piracy occurs through P2P networks, movie studios have finally begun to seek other alternatives to offer their products, adapting to new times.

This time, Paramount Pictures has decided to release a film entitled The Tunnel (The Tunnel) via BitTorrent.

The film, which included production of Distracted Media, offers a plot that takes us to the underground tunnels beneath the city of Sydney in Australia. Terror camera in hand, a formula that has many followers, it seems the proposal of this story, as has been seen.

Beyond this commitment, Paramount Pictures does not abandon traditional media, and will also offer the film on DVD with extra material, and special seasoning.

Will we find more proposals of this type, such as Paramount Pictures offered us?

For now, here we share the teaser trailer for this production:


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