Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Twitter migrate to improve their services

Do you know Whale Twitter? Well, if you have ever seen is probably because the service was popular microblogging network to collapse.

Information reaching us indicates that Twitter is quickly making a significant migration to improve their services.

In five years, Twitter has grown exponentially. This essentially given by the large number of users that are logged every day to this network. To maintain this, it is essential to have a very important support software and hardware. On Twitter you know, for that reason, an ambitious migration plan promises to leave behind some of the problems experienced by users in regard to access to this network collapsed.

In this migration, which started in September and until today, have migrated as much as 20TB of tweets. The commitment is not only to maintain what has been achieved, in Twitter redouble their efforts focused on the possibility of further growth in the number of users and tweets.

A very important initiative and that it was expected among users of Twitter, the big winners from this change.

Will we see the sign "Twitter is Currently down for Unplanned maintenance" accompanied by the now legendary whale?

More information: Twitter Engineering.


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