Thursday, March 10, 2011

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Facebook can be seen in full-length movies from Warner

Facebook and film company Warner Bros Entertainment He has announced an agreement that will allow movie fans to rent movies from the network on the platform and view the pages of fans.

The alliance between the companies, which makes Facebook a video online, and Warner Bros. in the first film producer to try a new content delivery model, is a blow to rivals such as Youtube, Netflix and Apple's iTunes , which maintains a clear lead in the race for the distribution of audiovisual material via the Internet.

To access the service, users will have to pay 30 Credits Facebook (An amount equal to three dollars), which is the currency of the company recently created by Mark Zuckerberg to buy digital products within the network.

Facebook members have a maximum of 48 hours to see the movie, and can also pause and resume the film every time you come to Facebook, as well as post comments and interact with friends while watching the movie.

Warner officials claim, the initiative seeks new ways to expand the digital distribution of its catalog of movies and are convinced that Facebook is a perfect platform to achieve their goals.

addition, producer said that the network will allow you to keep detailed control of the type of users who are interested in its contents, allowing them to adjust supply.

For now, the Facebook video store will be available only in the U.S., and opens with one of the most successful of Warner titles in recent years: "Batman: The Dark Knight."


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