Monday, March 14, 2011

Do Women Like Male Genitalpiercings

other browsers: Videos shared by Android and iPhone

Say whiskey!

And vodka and gin ... and keep talking about what they want, because the possibilities of sharing photographs showing times through mobile terminals and networks, in addition SocialCam , the option to share videos instantly.

Come on, show a personal video to others is not as easy as a photo , as the movement says much more than an expression often inn. However, this application seeks to break through the Android and iPhone users with a feature not inconsiderable: it's free.

The application, which only works if you have a Facebook account, allowed, among other things, share video via Twitter and send them via multimedia messaging via mobile phones, not to mention that you can save videos and share them later or load and display publicly as being recorded.

Other benefits of this development are browsing Justin.TV videos friends, comment, mark the famous "I like" Facebook, tag contacts and send upload notifications and marking, all for only 2.8 megabits.

And you're ready to show everyone your videos?


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