Monday, March 7, 2011

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Security Ultimate BlackBerry

A new security system for BlackBerry has come. This is the BlackBerry Protect application that definitely will save us in case of loss of our phone.

Last year had its closed beta, but today is now available for testing by all users. Among the things we can enable this application include:

* Assistance in locating our staff via GPS.
* Lock our team and set a password defined.
* Enable sound strong enough in case you do not find our phone. Even when it is muted.
* Force a backup of information, even when the computer is not in our power.
* Allow, as a last resort, to delete all data your computer and SIM card.

Importantly, this program is handled through the web site BlackBerry, so take your data securely and reliably. The Beta is now open for users in North America and some countries in South America. Can access it through the following link .


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