Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reptile Cell Resp Vs Mammal Cell Resp

Automattic Onswipe is associated with improving the experience of Wordpress from iPad

Starting today all of blogs Onswipe may be used to enhance the browsing experience via iPad. Thanks to a collaboration between Automattic Onswipe and as of today, more than 18.6 million blogs can use Onswipe (formerly Padpress) for Turn your website into a version compatible with HTML5.

Automattic said more than 750 000 page views a day from the IPAD and this figure will grow with the adoption of new tablets.

Onswipe Among the features we have nine color options (skins), cover image, Adaptive accelerometer site, scroll pages by dragging with your finger (swipe), screen, custom loading, viewing comments, sharing options, and customize and add your logo.

is one topic that can be customized in an IPAD, but the platform will come with a full Onswipe large number of issues, support for touch devices, and other sources of sites like Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. On the other hand Onswipe promises that soon there will be social interactions Onswipe everywhere.

people hosting your own blog with Wordpress CMS can download and install the plugin available


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