Monday, January 18, 2010

Food Poisoning And Gas

had a long time without writing anything. around here. right now that I'm a little more quiet will put some things that have happened ...

* finish the year well. with great experience and hope to have it this year
* initiative came from the trip, the truth can enjoy it and enjoy as much, I met many sides did not think at the moment to go, but so is life nothing is written.
* I am currently working on a project of documentation of hardware, the company E-View, the truth is a great opportunity, so I'm just
* graphic designer in the Department of Communication and Dissemination of ITVER, which are opening the door slowly.

so .. keep working with projects E-View, the ITVER, besides Mecamex and Veralinux, as well as personal projects ... Luis Alberto Rojas Leal

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Swallowed Small Amount Of Mouth Wash

working hard again .. Apps BlackBerry 8700r

I am again writing something after a long time ... .. .. then publishes more information at the moment I'm short of tiempo.pues'm out. Greetings

and not walking dead ... xD