Monday, January 18, 2010

Food Poisoning And Gas

had a long time without writing anything. around here. right now that I'm a little more quiet will put some things that have happened ...

* finish the year well. with great experience and hope to have it this year
* initiative came from the trip, the truth can enjoy it and enjoy as much, I met many sides did not think at the moment to go, but so is life nothing is written.
* I am currently working on a project of documentation of hardware, the company E-View, the truth is a great opportunity, so I'm just
* graphic designer in the Department of Communication and Dissemination of ITVER, which are opening the door slowly.

so .. keep working with projects E-View, the ITVER, besides Mecamex and Veralinux, as well as personal projects ... Luis Alberto Rojas Leal


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