Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Samsung says it will spend 10 years to have real 3D TV without glasses

While Samsung recently unveiled a prototype of a 3D TV without glasses, will be up in 10 years when you can buy one that permits be viewed from different angles.

The prototype presented last week with a 1080p display, 3D support and 9 points of view - optimum from 2.5 to 6 meters. This product could be available within three years, but Samsung says it is realistic and true 3D TV without glasses, at least 32 points must have vision, so your guests in the room can see the pictures perfectly.

Samsung wants a free TV viewing angles and number of spectators, not one that you limit the number of glasses or points of view and the right distance. However

to get a 3D TV like this, Samsung needs 5 years to develop and will be another 5 to make these sets can afford.

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Twitter migrate to improve their services

Do you know Whale Twitter? Well, if you have ever seen is probably because the service was popular microblogging network to collapse.

Information reaching us indicates that Twitter is quickly making a significant migration to improve their services.

In five years, Twitter has grown exponentially. This essentially given by the large number of users that are logged every day to this network. To maintain this, it is essential to have a very important support software and hardware. On Twitter you know, for that reason, an ambitious migration plan promises to leave behind some of the problems experienced by users in regard to access to this network collapsed.

In this migration, which started in September and until today, have migrated as much as 20TB of tweets. The commitment is not only to maintain what has been achieved, in Twitter redouble their efforts focused on the possibility of further growth in the number of users and tweets.

A very important initiative and that it was expected among users of Twitter, the big winners from this change.

Will we see the sign "Twitter is Currently down for Unplanned maintenance" accompanied by the now legendary whale?

More information: Twitter Engineering.

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Automattic Onswipe is associated with improving the experience of Wordpress from iPad

Starting today all of blogs Onswipe may be used to enhance the browsing experience via iPad. Thanks to a collaboration between Automattic Onswipe and as of today, more than 18.6 million blogs can use Onswipe (formerly Padpress) for Turn your website into a version compatible with HTML5.

Automattic said more than 750 000 page views a day from the IPAD and this figure will grow with the adoption of new tablets.

Onswipe Among the features we have nine color options (skins), cover image, Adaptive accelerometer site, scroll pages by dragging with your finger (swipe), screen, custom loading, viewing comments, sharing options, and customize and add your logo.

is one topic that can be customized in an IPAD, but the platform will come with a full Onswipe large number of issues, support for touch devices, and other sources of sites like Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. On the other hand Onswipe promises that soon there will be social interactions Onswipe everywhere.

people hosting your own blog with Wordpress CMS can download and install the plugin available

Monday, March 21, 2011

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Paramount Pictures released a movie on BitTorrent

After a long fight against piracy occurs through P2P networks, movie studios have finally begun to seek other alternatives to offer their products, adapting to new times.

This time, Paramount Pictures has decided to release a film entitled The Tunnel (The Tunnel) via BitTorrent.

The film, which included production of Distracted Media, offers a plot that takes us to the underground tunnels beneath the city of Sydney in Australia. Terror camera in hand, a formula that has many followers, it seems the proposal of this story, as has been seen.

Beyond this commitment, Paramount Pictures does not abandon traditional media, and will also offer the film on DVD with extra material, and special seasoning.

Will we find more proposals of this type, such as Paramount Pictures offered us?

For now, here we share the teaser trailer for this production:

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The creators of Red Faction and Saint's Row: "Let us make games worth pirating" The turn of HTC

Eric Barker, CEO of Volition Games, has spoken to the British website Eurogamer on piracy lashing platforms such as PC, and it has detailed focus on how to raise this issue in the study creator of Red Faction and Saints Row.

"Some people say the PC is dying. Others say that the PC is the future. This is because PC is the platform variable because it depends on what you have under your arm," said Barker. "For us the key is to make sure your PC games are made in the study. We believe that PC games are great, and if well done by the study are phenomenal."

"I do not think that piracy is something that is on our horizon," the studio executive. "First, and most importantly, we want to ensure we make games worth pirating.'s Develop something worth stealing and then make sure we do not."

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3D Evo

If just a couple of days was filtered HTC the Pyramid, it is time it happens the same with his "brother 3D, the EVO 3D, which will come first in the U.S. carrier Sprint. The model is very promising because of its characteristics, waiting to see that you live your experience using three-dimensional.

HTC 3D Evo would have a touch screen of 4.3 inches and a resolution of 960 × 540, in addition to its 3D capabilities. The power would put one of the new dual-core processors at 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon with Android 2.3 as Gingerbread operating system. It could record video in 3D with a resolution of 720p, while three-dimensional effect without the increase to 1080.

of capacity to spare. 4 gigabytes of internal memory ("record all?, I'd say yes) and up to 8 via a microSD card. Since the series is one of the Taiwanese smartphone come with 12 gigabytes, which is not bad. The rest of its features involve the usual Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi, GPS, HDMI to connect to a TV or similar ...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

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The U.S. army blocks websites to prioritize the bandwidth of Japan

The U.S. military has blocked access to a number of web sites to save on consumption of bandwidth and thus put all available resources in Japan's recovery, as confirmed by a spokesman for U.S. Strategic Command told CNN. As reported

Rodney Ellison spokesman who spoke with CNN sites chosen for this block have been selected purely by transferring data that are within the army, among which there are different types of services. The lock is active since last Monday and aims to preserve the bandwidth available with the U.S. military in Japan for use in the various operations are underway.

This filter has been launched after a request from the Pacific Command, which has been approved and proceeded to lock thirteen locations, including:

* * * amazon. com

* * *
* * * * *

block is temporary and that corresponds to this time due to the disaster, the demand is in U.S. military networks are very high.

This is the answer to a moment of extreme demand on the networks. This block will be seasonal in nature and may increase or decrease in size and scope if censario. We are doing this to facilitate recovery efforts under way in Japan

are the comments he has made Rodney Ellison on this block, which personally I do not feel bad since they are private networks of the army and as we see in the list above the bulk of sites are places where you can see lots of videos, so there is no reason to think that this is some kind of censorship, but simply blocked sites most consumed and this is not a lack of communication in eg e-mail.

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Linux kernel comes with several improvements 06/02/1938

The new version of the Linux kernel is ready for download and comes with several very interesting improvements. Linux Kernel 06/02/1938

incorporates developments in the Virtual File System (VFS), improves performance, features support for AMD Fusion graphics processors (GPUs) from AMD and NVIDIA, and also adds new drivers for chips supporting Wi-Fi rate.

Perhaps the key to this version is exactly the improvement in the VFS, both to excel at work and in multi-threaded single-processor performance.

There are also developments by the Transparent Huge Pages, since memory is allowed to use to process changes from 4KB to 2 MB, providing a significant improvement in the utilization of new processors that have larger cache.

Other improvements are related to the BATMAN mesh protocol, the limits for Dirty Pages, bug fixes, adjustments memory management and other aspects of strengthening security, virtualization, encryption, networks and work with the aforementioned characteristics of scalability and performance.

can find the latest versions of Linux Kernel: (including version 06/02/1938)

More information: .

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Google prepares redesign Blogger

Google is preparing to launch the redesign of Blogger, after a long time that improvements on service has been very modest, is now preparing a facelift that promises greater usability and performance improvements for this have prepared a video which apparently left incomplete list of best ahead .

For now I can assure you have been inspired by other blogging systems like WordPress itself for the redesign of some areas, in the end this is not important, must wait and hope the release and usually exceed the expectations we have come Google with its products and services.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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Maxi Iglesias, and Adam Jezierski Corberó Ursula Ursula Corberó

Maxi Iglesias of The protected , Ursula Corberó and Adam Jezierski agreed, as in the old days when the party frames.

Wedding Program Bilingual


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Monday, March 14, 2011

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temporarily closed Square Enix Final Fantasy XI servers and XIV in the earthquake

Japanese company Square Enix has announced that the servers in its two Final Fantasy MMO Final Fantasy XI and XIV, are closed until further notice because of the earthquake that struck the country last Friday. A decision that binds the energy savings that many Japanese companies are carrying out the current situation in the country.

The company statement attributed the temporary closure "to the continuous earthquakes in the eastern regions of Japan", noting that the servers will be closed "for at least a week." Undertake not to charge a subscription in April and updated with information regularly.

Konami has taken a similar decision with Metal Gear Online.

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Chrome Invulnerable: hackers pointed SocialCam

Pwn2Own Do you know? Well, if they are in the hacking world will know without a doubt. But otherwise there are some details that will interest them much. A few days ago we published the article in which we reported on Google's big bet for this particular race of hackers: U $ S 20,000 to anyone who can hack Chrome.

The result of this challenge? Neither was able to Chorme registered, although in all honesty, the few interested withdrew before testing. Undoubtedly the prestige and security features Google browser, meant that those who thought vulnerable outside to try their luck with other applications.

Those who decided to climb to the challenges of the CanSecWest security conference, turned their guns to another place. Internet Explorer 8, running on Windows 7, suffered a stroke that quickly bared his vulnerabilities. For Apple, the iPhone 4 was violated and even Safari rendered fell into the hands of hackers. Another

that could be violated in this particular contest was BlackBerry, to join the category of mobile systems will have some points to improve, in terms of safety.

the list of products that have been kept without being hacked Pwn2Own found in Firefox, Android and Windows Phone 7.

Find more information about the CanSecWest Vancouver 2011 Web site:

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other browsers: Videos shared by Android and iPhone

Say whiskey!

And vodka and gin ... and keep talking about what they want, because the possibilities of sharing photographs showing times through mobile terminals and networks, in addition SocialCam , the option to share videos instantly.

Come on, show a personal video to others is not as easy as a photo , as the movement says much more than an expression often inn. However, this application seeks to break through the Android and iPhone users with a feature not inconsiderable: it's free.

The application, which only works if you have a Facebook account, allowed, among other things, share video via Twitter and send them via multimedia messaging via mobile phones, not to mention that you can save videos and share them later or load and display publicly as being recorded.

Other benefits of this development are browsing Justin.TV videos friends, comment, mark the famous "I like" Facebook, tag contacts and send upload notifications and marking, all for only 2.8 megabits.

And you're ready to show everyone your videos?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

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Gmail incorporates Smart Labels, Smart Tags to categorize your mail

In August last year, gradually enabled Gmail to all its users a new feature, Priority Inbox, an intelligent system that organized with more success than our mail to its size and sent him to an inbox separated from the main where we could check our messages much more directly. Today the folks at Google have introduced a new feature to Gmail Labs: Smart Labels, which play a similar role to that of Priority Inbox but in my opinion much more I think smart finish to please people like me are not very satisfied with the other system.

And I do not know you but after nearly six months I have not yet acquired a taste for the Priority Inbox and although I have just checked the usage, I referring to the post in the traditional manner, although slightly helped by the filters and great cloud of Google's mail client. And is that for which we receive massive amounts of mail daily sometimes simply check the inbox can become a torture. So I have been pleasantly surprised the Smart Labels, much of the unnecessary email that slips between the truly important part of notifications various services (a new follower on Twitter, mailing lists, newsletters, promotional mailings, notices or notice forums (someone did on Tumblr reblog, as another illustrative example), which makes the Smart Labels to identify the mail and separate it into categories.

Thus, whatever the source of that mail is sometimes quite superfluous is organized into 3 categories: Bulk (where all types come out mass mailings, newsletters, email advertising ... etc) that are filtered the main inbox to be read separately and at another time more calmly, Notifications (eg a new follower on Twitter) and finally Forums, which includes all messages of this type (mailing lists and the like). The main difference I see him, and that just convinced me most is that it does not differ so radically as Important / Not important, but categorizes the mail, we ordered to our liking that we automatically for us to decide its importance. A advertising mail can also be important, it is assumed that we were we that we have released, but should go to stop the spam folder. As in the case of Priority Inbox, which I will turn off right now but things are different and both functions can coexist perfectly, you have to prove for a while and decide if it's worth or not, so far looks great.

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Facebook can be seen in full-length movies from Warner

Facebook and film company Warner Bros Entertainment He has announced an agreement that will allow movie fans to rent movies from the network on the platform and view the pages of fans.

The alliance between the companies, which makes Facebook a video online, and Warner Bros. in the first film producer to try a new content delivery model, is a blow to rivals such as Youtube, Netflix and Apple's iTunes , which maintains a clear lead in the race for the distribution of audiovisual material via the Internet.

To access the service, users will have to pay 30 Credits Facebook (An amount equal to three dollars), which is the currency of the company recently created by Mark Zuckerberg to buy digital products within the network.

Facebook members have a maximum of 48 hours to see the movie, and can also pause and resume the film every time you come to Facebook, as well as post comments and interact with friends while watching the movie.

Warner officials claim, the initiative seeks new ways to expand the digital distribution of its catalog of movies and are convinced that Facebook is a perfect platform to achieve their goals.

addition, producer said that the network will allow you to keep detailed control of the type of users who are interested in its contents, allowing them to adjust supply.

For now, the Facebook video store will be available only in the U.S., and opens with one of the most successful of Warner titles in recent years: "Batman: The Dark Knight."

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64Gb iPhone, "tracks what the next generation mobile?

What will the next iPhone? Guess that question seems more difficult to ascertain when Spain will recover some of the country's current problems. "New design iPad like 2? How white? More screen?

And although rumors point to an almost complete change of design and model of the same for your iPhone 5, the truth is that the design and features of the iPhone 4 are still quite recent and it seems somewhat strange that Apple is already set a new model.

If you are someone who thinks the next terminal is just an overhaul of the current model, the real clue to this effect puts extracted model in China with 64Gb of memory. A model that is clearly not available for sale and is identical to the present with the exception of this slight improvement.

is quite likely that the next iPhone is just a slight upgrade from the current model but with more memory, maybe some minor improvements and almost for granted with the new processor A5 and all his power.

Monday, March 7, 2011

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Grass! AMD confirms death of Sempron processors

AMD microprocessors Many users remember the days when the company decided to remove their brand K Series for Athlon and Duron processors, the latter subsequently replaced by Sempron. Now the company history repeat itself by replacing the latter by Haymarket.

Thus, the chip maker confirmed at the CeBIT trade fair held in Hannover, Germany, the death of the Sempron processor family, which will be replaced by so-called Haymarket, belonging to the E-Series Fusion line.

Sempron processors were developed in 2004 for low-end computers, as this passage to a better life could also join the Phenom family, if confirmed rumors that suggest it would be replaced by microprocessors lines FX-Series or A-Series .

AMD also noted that products of the E-Series, Grass, who will hand over to Sempron, will be low-end and will have a price.

So far we know that E-Series will consist of the E-240, which provides a single nucleus at a speed of 1.5 GHz, and the E-350, dual core and goes up to 1.6 GHz, but is likely to go more models in the coming months.

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Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS include Master Quest version

Nintendo has advanced during this weekend that the highly anticipated remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for 3DS be combined with a Master Quest version, at least that was confirmed by the director of public relations Nintendo of America, David Young.

Master Quest version is the actual Ocarina of Time but with a more difficult game, with the order of the different dungeons, with more complex puzzles and the location of the objects changed.

Master Quest was originally included in the limited edition The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for Gamecube in 2003.

The remake of Ocarina of Time for Nintendo 3DS be launched this June in the United States.

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Security Ultimate BlackBerry

A new security system for BlackBerry has come. This is the BlackBerry Protect application that definitely will save us in case of loss of our phone.

Last year had its closed beta, but today is now available for testing by all users. Among the things we can enable this application include:

* Assistance in locating our staff via GPS.
* Lock our team and set a password defined.
* Enable sound strong enough in case you do not find our phone. Even when it is muted.
* Force a backup of information, even when the computer is not in our power.
* Allow, as a last resort, to delete all data your computer and SIM card.

Importantly, this program is handled through the web site BlackBerry, so take your data securely and reliably. The Beta is now open for users in North America and some countries in South America. Can access it through the following link .

Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Spielberg bought the film rights to two books on WikiLeaks

not going to happen long before a film began to materialize on WikiLeaks and its creator Julian Assange. In fact, there are several smaller productions in various stages, but who took the first step to major league level was not an opportunist anyone, but a renowned Steven Spielberg.

The "father" of ET has just acquired the film rights to the books "WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy" by journalists David Leigh and Luke Harding, the Guardian and "Inside WikiLeaks, the former aide of Assange, Daniel Domscheit-Berg.

Thus, the text would form an investigative thriller like what it was All the President's Men, which will address the Assange turbulent life, from his childhood traveling and until the creation of the controversial site in 2006. The formula is also similar to the one implemented by Aaron Sorkin in The Social Network, that was not based only on the book The Accidental Billionaires (Ben Mezrich), but also drew on a series of lawsuits involved.

And despite the fact that DreamWorks owns the rights to make a film based on these books in particular are not warranted to be the first to see the light, but surely that is the most complete, thanks the close link between Assange and The Guardian.

Anyway, now the real story has not yet reached its end, so you have to be patient to see the story on the big screen.

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All you need to know about algorithm changes Google's

New changes in the algorithm, what basically are geared to promote in the search results pages to sites that publish original content to the detriment of who copied it, today we will share with you some links on the topic .

then mentioned some resources that are waiting utility, and allow a closer and deeper understanding of these modifications, transcription the relevant paragraphs of each link

* Key to drawing the future of Internet : "The new algorithm introduces criteria for quality and originality of the content. That is, to appear in top positions of search results is not only important to have been referenced by other web sites, but providing a quality and original content ... As usual, Google has unveiled the new criteria of the algorithm, limited to comment that their evidence shows that after the change, the search results point to original content and higher quality. "

* Changes in Google's algorithm and more : Google just enforce the announced change in its algorithm with factor called "farmer" (farmer) that focuses on eliminating its results farms and so-called web content scrapers who steal usually content with this type of feed ... changes directly affect only large sites. However, you may be able to see benefit in any way small and medium sites, and yet to see the real effects. However, the definition of "farm content" Google may be different for us, so these sites will continue to see good positioning. "

* Google changes its algorithm to combat to farms content, "Google announced a major change in the algorithm of its search engine, which may be imperceptible to most users but it should dramatically improve the quality of search results ... With this, the portal aims to combat content to farms, businesses engaged in producing large amounts of texts to manipulate the algorithms of search engines to attract customers and it clicks and high profits on advertising ... these updates in the searches are designed to reduce traffic content farms usually have low quality materials and are copied from other websites. These changes also allow better prioritization of information, which means that high quality content will be the first to appear. "

should be added that these changes are only available in the United States are unknown criteria that Google has used to make these adjustments in the algorithm and that it focuses on battling flames content farms.

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it help to professionals for iPad iMovie 2?

Well if any of you did not connect to the internet day yesterday and has not seen the papers today, there are doing the news is announced and the iPad 2.

A news was that the operating system update of Mac laptops IOS 4.3. And the upgrade will allow the tablet to run iMovie, the video editor for fans is fairly intuitive and easy to use. Target that the filmmakers are obviously amateur but what gives this application for people who are dedicated to professional videos?

This is the question that will be doing a lot of professional filmmakers who use the technology Mac Not because they fear that some amateur work but remove them What extra features have a tablet that can record and edit it there? Outside of using it as a single fan (first communions, weddings , parties, etc.) Used for anything else?

I do not think it's for more, maybe when you're scouting (location of scenarios) is useful to take pictures or record videos but that can be done with phones. Although it does have the advantage that you can edit right there and give a brief idea of \u200b\u200bhow it could be, would quickly this stage of labor. But definitely not for the final recordings.

Why edit? I know many people who are dedicated to working with video Mac say "why we have home Mac or a Mac Book Pro" and is very true. Although the immediacy of being able to do so may expedite processes and avoid going back to the place and to continue testing. "Edit professionally? Definitely not.

The iPad can not work with external hard drives, a problem for those with recording equipment in Terabytes. So if you want high quality work will be with very short videos, and even if you use codecs to compress video well is good for most professionals because there is no video but compressed using the highest quality.

In summary, the iPad iMovie does not change the status of this software and will remain fans. The fact that a potent pill that does many things not replace processes, perhaps accelerating some (like scouting) or have spontaneous ideas can be recorded at that time (according to some phones already have), but in the end will having a general use of trivial things. Something that video professionals do not care and that this not be an important factor in choosing whether or not buy a tablet or what to buy.

Finally, I should clarify that this brief discussion also applies to video editor in the other tablets such as Motorola Xoom.