Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mouse Repellent Sound Side Effects

Gmail incorporates Smart Labels, Smart Tags to categorize your mail

In August last year, gradually enabled Gmail to all its users a new feature, Priority Inbox, an intelligent system that organized with more success than our mail to its size and sent him to an inbox separated from the main where we could check our messages much more directly. Today the folks at Google have introduced a new feature to Gmail Labs: Smart Labels, which play a similar role to that of Priority Inbox but in my opinion much more I think smart finish to please people like me are not very satisfied with the other system.

And I do not know you but after nearly six months I have not yet acquired a taste for the Priority Inbox and although I have just checked the usage, I referring to the post in the traditional manner, although slightly helped by the filters and great cloud of Google's mail client. And is that for which we receive massive amounts of mail daily sometimes simply check the inbox can become a torture. So I have been pleasantly surprised the Smart Labels, much of the unnecessary email that slips between the truly important part of notifications various services (a new follower on Twitter, mailing lists, newsletters, promotional mailings, notices or notice forums (someone did on Tumblr reblog, as another illustrative example), which makes the Smart Labels to identify the mail and separate it into categories.

Thus, whatever the source of that mail is sometimes quite superfluous is organized into 3 categories: Bulk (where all types come out mass mailings, newsletters, email advertising ... etc) that are filtered the main inbox to be read separately and at another time more calmly, Notifications (eg a new follower on Twitter) and finally Forums, which includes all messages of this type (mailing lists and the like). The main difference I see him, and that just convinced me most is that it does not differ so radically as Important / Not important, but categorizes the mail, we ordered to our liking that we automatically for us to decide its importance. A advertising mail can also be important, it is assumed that we were we that we have released, but should go to stop the spam folder. As in the case of Priority Inbox, which I will turn off right now but things are different and both functions can coexist perfectly, you have to prove for a while and decide if it's worth or not, so far looks great.


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