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Can A Cervical Biopsy Make You Infertile

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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Just six months after starting their love story, Ana de Armas and Marc Clotet have decided to take another step in their relationship and go through the altar. The news has caught by surprise all and sundry in the first place, the speed with which they have taken such a serious decision.

The once star of 'The boarding' and the actor who plays the teacher Cowboy in 'Physics and Chemistry' have always been very jealous of their privacy. They have never discussed their feelings in public but, yes, have gradually become less shy and have gone hand in hand at various public events such as the Rock in Rio Madrid and the recent AIDS charity gala held in the capital .

preparations for the wedding of Ana de Armas and Marc Clotet
commitment Ana de Armas and Marc Clotet took place last November and, as usual in the couple, in complete privacy. Currently, only it has transpired that the wedding will take place next summer, coinciding with the end of the recording of the second season of 'Hispania', which involved the young Cuban.

still too early to know the date and place chosen for this highly anticipated ceremony, and to know some details of the wedding dress, something that Ana de Armas and is thinking. The couple kept the secret locked in preparation for everything to be perfect in your special day.

Ana de Armas, 22, and Marc Clotet, 30, sealed and a love that began taking shape last summer, during a weekend at the beach. Since then its history has gradually strengthened to the point that Ana and is a member of the family of her boyfriend, whose father is the renowned Dr. Bonaventura Clotet, one of the international eminence in the study of HIV. Both families are delighted with this celebration we advance will be talking about.
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Fer just announced its decision through large waves radio, and want to take the plunge soon. Everyone gets to work, but will face some complications not only because of the immediacy, but by circumstances. Yoli, as a good organizer, have a great idea, but needs the support of someone very special ... But this story is an umpire, a lover David who is going through one of the worst moments of your life ... Gorka

not take it anymore. Paula wants to get and little Isaac Jr., although it is very hard to forgive his unexplained disappearance for months. What Gorka hidden? Why so dramatically broke their relationship and now reappears still in love and repented? Paula Is able to forgive? Teresa

hide their relationship in secret is becoming increasingly difficult for Alvaro and Soul. Are you going to be time to stop Alvaro play both sides and decide once and for who wants it? In those circumstances is Daniela, who must settle their status with Salva and Jon before triggering an unpleasant situation.
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emissions Antena 3 Neox Nova and have been defective during the night. For example, at one time the image was pixelated and is repeated on a loop of four sentences on the issue of 'Physics and chemistry. " The video is already on Youtube and the phrase "burn me inside," which is the star of repeated, delivered by one of the protagonists, an exercise in absurdity to the height of the script of the series, is claimed as "trending topic "on Twitter.

The broadcast during halftime of a series of ads that referred to piracy using Images of 'Physics and chemistry "start to make you think of the Internet forums that the mistake has been committed deliberately, to make viewers think about piracy and gain notoriety.

course another option is that they are twisted against the clock trying to solve a serious technical error after what had taken advantage of technical errors Telecinco.

Updated: Antena 3 has explained this morning that this incident "was due solely to a failure of technical systems of Abertis, a company that distributes the television signal to all operators, and therefore outside the chain." It was impossible to resolve the technical error from Antena 3, so that the loop was to be issued for five minutes, 22.33. and 22.38. The possibility of having been created on purpose is not shuffled in the statement.

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