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How Do A Newborn Bulldog Looks Like


Just six months after starting their love story, Ana de Armas and Marc Clotet have decided to take another step in their relationship and go through the altar. The news has caught by surprise all and sundry in the first place, the speed with which they have taken such a serious decision.

The once star of 'The boarding' and the actor who plays the teacher Cowboy in 'Physics and Chemistry' have always been very jealous of their privacy. They have never discussed their feelings in public but, yes, have gradually become less shy and have gone hand in hand at various public events such as the Rock in Rio Madrid and the recent AIDS charity gala held in the capital .

preparations for the wedding of Ana de Armas and Marc Clotet
commitment Ana de Armas and Marc Clotet took place last November and, as usual in the couple, in complete privacy. Currently, only it has transpired that the wedding will take place next summer, coinciding with the end of the recording of the second season of 'Hispania', which involved the young Cuban.

still too early to know the date and place chosen for this highly anticipated ceremony, and to know some details of the wedding dress, something that Ana de Armas and is thinking. The couple kept the secret locked in preparation for everything to be perfect in your special day.

Ana de Armas, 22, and Marc Clotet, 30, sealed and a love that began taking shape last summer, during a weekend at the beach. Since then its history has gradually strengthened to the point that Ana and is a member of the family of her boyfriend, whose father is the renowned Dr. Bonaventura Clotet, one of the international eminence in the study of HIV. Both families are delighted with this celebration we advance will be talking about.
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