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Steps to have strong abdominal Especially when the weather is coming when more importance is given to get a six-defined and free of fat.

For competitive bodybuilders they seek to cut a competition, but others do it to show off your skills in the beach or pool.

And there is no doubt that a middle hard, firm and well-drawn abdominal strength and increases the attractiveness of the whole body.

both on stage and on the beach or pool when we saw a human form the cornerstone of his aesthetic is represented by the waist.

The aesthetic and visual epicenter of the body is the middle and not only because is the anatomic center of it, but because his form is the barometer by which we can measure the overall fitness.

can not get a six-cut and at the same time present in the breast tenderness, back or legs, nor is it likely to have a stuffy and flabby waist and instead to look good on chest, back or legs.

physical beauty and distilled the Greek sculptures over two millennia, primarily through hard and muscular waist. Achieving

middle as hard as granite should be a priority for both men and women, because their aesthetic will be greatly improved plus his health will be greatly enhanced.

If you follow these five steps, you can look that fantastic middle will be the center of attention and admiration of both sexes.
First step: follow a proper diet

When we talk about reducing body fat percentage required to do so in dietary habits, because it goes without saying that you can not eliminate excess fat weight without modification.

The first step is to find the definition cleanse diet, ie remove all foods that contribute to increased caloric intake and increase fat deposits, as fried foods, sausage, preserves, butters, sauces and animal fats, and all products derived from sugar or baking.

In the first case its elimination is justified because each gram of fat provides nine calories, while the same amount of protein or carbohydrate only four, less then half, which means that simply by reducing fat intake is cut final heat, which is essential for the body to draw on reserve deposits.

addition, fats in foods are chemically similar to adipose tissue, so that they become very easily into body fat. The second

If any sugar produced after eating a release of the hormone insulin, responsible for regulating blood glucose level, but also to accumulate any excess energy in adipose tissue.

other words, anything sweet, even without being a fat in the body is transformed with ease into it, due to the lipogenic action of insulin.

fast carbohydrates and high glycemic index and simple sugars such as sweet fruits such as grapes or figs, any type of candy and cakes and other bakery products, soft drinks, juices, white bread, are to be avoided at all costs.

If your usual diet until now included these foods in abundance, id and gradually reducing them gradually to prevent too abrupt a change.

Obviously you should replace them with others until the diet is set just clean, healthy foods such as vegetables, oatmeal, rice and pasta, potatoes and sweet potatoes, cereals and a small amount of type citrus fruit , which will constitute your sources of carbohydrates.

Lean meats of beef and horse, poultry such as chicken or turkey without skin, fish and eggs to make up protein intake.

With regard to dietary fats do not worry especially since you will obtain oil salad dressing or cooking food, as well as some fish, the very lean meat, egg yolks and nuts.

Drink plenty of water between meals, because this activaréis diuresis and elimination processes. Deals

the volume of food in several small meals a day, five or six best three opulent.

Eat more calories in the morning and right after training and restraint in the rest.

Moderate consumption of carbohydrates so that the starchy, like potatoes, rice, pasta and tubers are not part of the menu after noon, and afternoon and evening use only the fibrous and in moderation, ie vegetables, vegetables and salads.
Second step: exercise to burn fat

is true that exercise, especially aerobic, burns calories and derives its fuel from fat stores and therefore this type of physical activity helps to eliminate them.

However, experts agree that the moderately high intensity exercise, about 70-80%, maintained for 30 minutes is the best way to burn fat deposits and gives better results that if low-intensity races acometéis until fall for traps.

We must reach a certain intensity cardio pace and to activate the sweat for the body to turn to fat cells for fuel.

So if incorporáis sessions stationary bike, treadmill, rowing machine or stair climbing to your routine, you will begin to gradually rid the adipose tissue.
Third step: to gain muscle to lose fat

is absolutely proven that the muscle as a functional and active tissue needs calories even at rest, because unlike the fat tissue is metabolically inactive, it represents only a reserve of calories, it always metabolic activity, ie increasing caloric expenditure.

That means simply that the higher the lean body mass, or muscle, the body burn more calories but do not perform any activity.

So two people who weigh the same but one has a lean body mass than the other whose body fat is equivalent to the weight, the first need more calories to maintain than the second. Put another way, it can eat more without gaining weight.

After decades of experience is assumed that when it comes to gaining muscle mass training of big heavy body is the best method.

It is recommended to use series of six to ten repetitions.

Among the most effective exercises are the squat, press, bench presses and shoulder, chin-ups and rowing, and so on.

Therefore, training with heavy weights all the major groups because doing so would not only increase your muscles in the back, legs, chest, shoulders and arms, it will be easier to remove fat and remain defined.
Fourth step: abdominal muscle

If you lose fat weight and eliminate the fat in your waist for granted that it will look better, but that it becomes really These forms must be athletic and muscular work directly the abdominal wall musculature. Those muscles

so attractive with a tablet of chocolate that we all admire are the rectus abdominis. Although it is one long muscle into squares separated by a central line, the white line, which runs from the pelvis to the lower chest, but is generally known popularly as upper and lower abs.

The first van from navel to chest and the second from the navel to the pelvis.
This wall muscle is activated strongly when approaching the torso to the legs or vice versa.

classic motion to work the abdominal is the trunk elevated inclined board, but even if you do it is effective, are more direct and comfortable movements such contractions or shrinkage. The torso

particularly affect the upper abdomen and reverse contractions, bringing the legs to the trunk, to the bottom. Elevations
trunk inclined board

Classics trunk flexion can do them in the ground or on an inclined board.

Keeps legs bent, to avoid unnecessary tension in the lower back, and hands over the chest or behind your head. Eleva

slowly and make a short stroke that will lead you to touch the table or the floor, with the upper back in the fall, because it will put an unnecessary strain on your lower back.

Basically this is an exercise in short course.

trunk contractions Contractions are still moving lower than the previous one, but therein lies its effectiveness in strengthening the muscles of the abdominal wall.

Lie on your back and keep the legs bent at a right angle with the floor, you keep them high in the air and cross each other or lower legs resting on a bench, chair or any surface.

hands move in front of the chest or behind the neck and trunk rises only necessary for the upper back is off the ground, but not the middle and lower always remains in contact with him. Once raised

stays there while tightening the abdomen consciously for a few seconds before returning back slowly.
reverse contractions

is basically the same exercise but this time the torso remains stationary. That is

keeping your back flat on the ground, or on a bench, and while the legs are bent and together, from there take your knees to your chest instead of trying to get the chest to the pelvis. Here

also have to make a break with the knees close to the chest. Leg Lifts

The leg lifts work the entire abdominal area, but do so more impact on the lower part of the abdominal wall, from the navel to the pubis.

This exercise you can do while hanging from a bar, sitting on the edge of a bench or lying on the ground.

Either way, give diligence that when performing leg lifts they keep a slight knee bend at all times. Train
oblique and intercostal

The obliques are two large muscles on either side of the waist, but I do not recommend direct their training because they are affected by a large range of motion, among which are counted in the abdominal and especially because its development would be to widen the waist, something that anyone who wants a small waist and brown like.

The intercostals on the contrary can never develop muscles too much because they are very small, are those that are shaped like fingers and are transversely on each side of the abdomen and near the chest.

When fat is low and they are developed, contribute dramatically to give an illusion of hard and small waist, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the medium.

To activate them just do some exercises in series just mentioned in which I incline to the side, is bringing the right elbow to left knee and vice versa.

suffice to make three sets of each exercise for about 15 or 20 repetitions. For more results

choose several moves, combining some to the top with others for less, as well as the intercostal, and makes a series of once each, without rest between them.

Rest only after you have done all series circuit, ie one for each year.
Fifth step: activate metabolism

Once establezcáis and should follow a clean diet, you've included in your routine cardiovascular exercise and you train you thoroughly and heavy enough weight to increase as much as possible the overall muscle mass, in addition to the specific exercise for the muscles of the abdomen, then you are in the right direction and you just have to wait for I see how would you define the waist gradually and is gaining strength and they appear well drawn those abdominal muscles completely change your body aesthetics, providing a greater visual strength and beauty and sense of increased size in the rest of the body, since optically reduce your waist seems to automatically have widened shoulders and back and legs.

a brown belt and hard enhances whole body in general.

If you expect to achieve an acceptable degree of muscle definition, it is imperative to follow a diet free of fats and sugars. Muscle as metabolically active tissue that is consumed many calories, so the more muscle mass you have the more calories you can eat without them turning into fat.

However, the definition may take longer than expected to occur either because your diet was not good enough and the changes take longer to take effect, or because your metabolism does not react with sufficient effectiveness. The reality is that waist training only visible if it will bear fruit is fat-free, otherwise you may well have a strong abdominal muscles and thick, but if they are coated with fat waist will be broad and soft, good in fact the whole body will look soft and clear.

is absolutely essential to reduce levels of body fat to the waist, and the whole body, get that look hard and cut.

If you do not respond with the speed desired changes in diet and exercise, or do not want to wait long enough or if it costs you more than usual 'will define', I recommend that you use the Future 101, TH ergocéutico Concepts and accelerates the natural elimination of body fat.

A ergocéutico is basically a product set with natural substances but whose effects have a profound depth in the body.

Specifically the TH 101 is formulated to activate the metabolism and promote the right conditions to burn fat and excess fluid, while reaffirming the preservation of lean body mass. To this effect comes through several mechanisms, but essentially two, improving the activity of the thyroid gland and elevation of thermogenesis, or the use of calories to produce body heat, preventing them from accumulating as adiposity.

thyroid As the TH 101 is not to provide thyroid hormones or any synthetic substance, but simply provides the nutritional elements that the body uses for the natural production of these hormones.

For example, the two hormones produced by the gland and are responsible for the regulation of metabolic rate are the T4 and T3 or thyroxine or triiodothyronine, well both are formed by the amino acid tyrosine and the mineral iodine.

many years been well known in medical circles that the lack of this mineral in the diet leads to hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid, and among many other symptoms manifested by fatigue, low energy, bloating, general swelling and goiter, a swelling of the base of the neck caused by enlargement of the gland in an effort to force the pace of production, and by an excessive accumulation of fatty tissue.

Even in coastal areas, the mineral wealth is not all it should in food and the analysis shows many shortcomings, so the HT 101 provides 600 milligrams per dose of a very special algae that belongs to the family of laminaria and is in very deep water and cold, whose special feature is its high concentration of organic iodine. The amino acid tyrosine

play different roles in the body, so he uses it for many functions, so it is not always guaranteed their availability to the thyroid, the TH 101 provides another 600 milligrams of L-tyrosine for the gland does not lack the raw material required for its function.

This ergocéutico includes another trace mineral, copper chelated to an amino acid, because this compound is necessary for the formation and operation of several coenzymes among which are taking part in the smooth functioning of the thyroid.

So with the contribution of these substances can be sure that in a completely natural, and food channels, supply the body substances the thyroid gland needs to function properly.

still have nine ingredients in this preparation.

Several of these have the property of activating the elevation of thermogenesis, ie the production of body heat, which is of great importance to the definition because this achieves increase caloric expenditure for 24 hours a day, which simultaneously increases the available energy.

of a citrus fruit that is used in the Far East as a spice, citrus aurantium, is extracting a substance called synephrine alkaloid, whose characteristic is that it acts selectively on beta 3-adrenergic receptors. In practice this means that increases the utilization of fat deposits by increasing the body temperature slightly, and fat cells use fatty acids and body reserves of glycogen while preserving rid of fat. There are substances that do the same and maybe even better, such as amphetamines or ephedrine, but while the latter cause negative effects and very dangerous to health because they stimulate other beta-adrenergic receptors, synephrine does not, so it does not affect 1 and 2 alpha or beta 1 and 2, whose stimulation leads to increasing stress or rapid heartbeat.

Synephrine has several agonist agents that enhance their actions, one of them is naringin, a compound which is obtained from a tropical grapefruit, and other caffeine is a mild stimulant whose action as central nervous system is well known for centuries, not in vain we always take a coffee to clear.
Caffeine also acts as a diuretic and speeds up the use of fatty acids as an energy source and thus contributes to its elimination. It's so clear the effectiveness of caffeine to boost performance several years ago the IOC (International Olympic Committee) has included it as doping substance before a test if your intake exceeds a certain limit.

The TH 101 includes guarana, one of the best natural sources of caffeine.

absolutely exceptional Another ingredient of this formula is forskolin, a substance extracted from a plant known as Gulf Indian coleus forskohlii.

The forskolin particularity lies in the fact that it is capable of activating an enzyme called adenylate cyclase which in turn triggers an increased production of cyclic adenosine mono phosphate (cAMP) in cells. When that happens they increase your burning of fatty acids and the production of proteins, whose cumulative results are the goal for fighting all cultures: the removal of fat and preserving muscle.

turns out that the synephrine acts in synergy with naringin and caffeine, but also with forskolin, although the course of action of the latter is different, but also the TH 101 also includes green tea extract, another compound that medical and scientific circles has been using for its effects on the removal of fat.

The extract used in the TH 101 is rich in catechins, especially a type, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCC) to activate thermogenesis, while norepinephrine, the hormone most powerful body to use fat. According to some investigations, the statement in question also helps reduce appetite and cholesterol levels.

So this is another compound most responsible for the strength of TH 101, but there's more.

the other citrus fruit, Garcinia cambogia, hydroxycitric acid is obtained which has been found to increase the use of body fat, although less so than the other ingredients, and seems to reduce appetite, but his greatest strength is which inhibits an enzyme, citrate lyase, which is responsible for allowing the conversion of excess blood sugar into fat tissue.

So while also helping to some extent in expediting the use of fat reserves, its contribution to TH 101 is focused on preventing that if you excedéis with carbohydrates, they fatten you.

Aerobic exercise speeds up the use of fat stores for energy.

Although you manage to reduce subcutaneous fat layer, if you want to look around you'll have sensational abdominal muscle by specific exercises. Thanks to the synergistic combination and perfectly balanced 101 TH 12 components of your metabolism works fine and I easily libraréis adipose tissue at the same time preserving the muscle.

If the excess sugar is fattening because it generates a peak of insulin which is responsible for setting available glucose to form fatty acids, and in that sense we must underline the action of another ingredient, chromium picolinate very involved in the metabolism of glucose by increasing sensitivity to insulin in muscle cells and reducing it in fat.

plain translation of this effect is that the muscles feel more affinity for the loading of insulin, which consequently is not captured by fat cells, so it encourages the use of glucose as muscle power instead of helping to increased adipose tissue.

By itself its effects are not exceptional, but within the framework of the TH 101 is another compound that acts in synergy.

The list is long, but there are two plants in this ergocéutico, a dandelion is a traditional diuretic that exerts a gentle but very obvious effects on the removal of subcutaneous water and also has a particularity, that of provide potassium, just the mineral that is often lost when diuresis is increased by pharmacological means.

Finally, the TH 101 includes the gymnema sylvestre, another plant of Far East has demonstrated its ability to regulate glucose and insulin levels, and remember that it helps prevent fat formation, while being able to override the taste for several hours sugar, which is not insignificant when you follow a diet that you should not abuse the candy.

These are the twelve ingredients of TH 101, a ergocéutico which is a true wonder of metabolic design without being a drug, produces a sensational and very beneficial effects.

For compounds with the TH 101 will feel no nervousness, palpitations or tachycardia, no harmful effects, but a soft light and activation of metabolism, which with regular use will lead to higher than normal, not above because it promotes the proper functioning without providing a hormonal principle.

flush fat gradually not again build up, feel more energy and vigor, a clear mind and keep the muscle mass even in a severe diet.

In short, if you do not get the desired effect soon enough after you follow the four basic steps to free yourself of that stubborn layer of fat covering your muscles, and ugly the waist, draws on the TH 101 and the results will soon appear sharply.

Now you have no excuse to not be defined and that waist look brown, small, muscular, cut and perfect with abdominal cut, which will multiply your value as an athlete and your perfect body attractive to the opposite sex.

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