Thursday, March 10, 2011

Leaf Green Pokemon Rom Mac

64Gb iPhone, "tracks what the next generation mobile?

What will the next iPhone? Guess that question seems more difficult to ascertain when Spain will recover some of the country's current problems. "New design iPad like 2? How white? More screen?

And although rumors point to an almost complete change of design and model of the same for your iPhone 5, the truth is that the design and features of the iPhone 4 are still quite recent and it seems somewhat strange that Apple is already set a new model.

If you are someone who thinks the next terminal is just an overhaul of the current model, the real clue to this effect puts extracted model in China with 64Gb of memory. A model that is clearly not available for sale and is identical to the present with the exception of this slight improvement.

is quite likely that the next iPhone is just a slight upgrade from the current model but with more memory, maybe some minor improvements and almost for granted with the new processor A5 and all his power.


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