Monday, March 14, 2011

Green Skin After Shaving?

Chrome Invulnerable: hackers pointed SocialCam

Pwn2Own Do you know? Well, if they are in the hacking world will know without a doubt. But otherwise there are some details that will interest them much. A few days ago we published the article in which we reported on Google's big bet for this particular race of hackers: U $ S 20,000 to anyone who can hack Chrome.

The result of this challenge? Neither was able to Chorme registered, although in all honesty, the few interested withdrew before testing. Undoubtedly the prestige and security features Google browser, meant that those who thought vulnerable outside to try their luck with other applications.

Those who decided to climb to the challenges of the CanSecWest security conference, turned their guns to another place. Internet Explorer 8, running on Windows 7, suffered a stroke that quickly bared his vulnerabilities. For Apple, the iPhone 4 was violated and even Safari rendered fell into the hands of hackers. Another

that could be violated in this particular contest was BlackBerry, to join the category of mobile systems will have some points to improve, in terms of safety.

the list of products that have been kept without being hacked Pwn2Own found in Firefox, Android and Windows Phone 7.

Find more information about the CanSecWest Vancouver 2011 Web site:


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