Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stinging Pain In Shins

Linux kernel comes with several improvements 06/02/1938

The new version of the Linux kernel is ready for download and comes with several very interesting improvements. Linux Kernel 06/02/1938

incorporates developments in the Virtual File System (VFS), improves performance, features support for AMD Fusion graphics processors (GPUs) from AMD and NVIDIA, and also adds new drivers for chips supporting Wi-Fi rate.

Perhaps the key to this version is exactly the improvement in the VFS, both to excel at work and in multi-threaded single-processor performance.

There are also developments by the Transparent Huge Pages, since memory is allowed to use to process changes from 4KB to 2 MB, providing a significant improvement in the utilization of new processors that have larger cache.

Other improvements are related to the BATMAN mesh protocol, the limits for Dirty Pages, bug fixes, adjustments memory management and other aspects of strengthening security, virtualization, encryption, networks and work with the aforementioned characteristics of scalability and performance.

can find the latest versions of Linux Kernel: (including version 06/02/1938)

More information: .


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