Thursday, March 3, 2011

Why Does My Throat Hurn More At Night

All you need to know about algorithm changes Google's

New changes in the algorithm, what basically are geared to promote in the search results pages to sites that publish original content to the detriment of who copied it, today we will share with you some links on the topic .

then mentioned some resources that are waiting utility, and allow a closer and deeper understanding of these modifications, transcription the relevant paragraphs of each link

* Key to drawing the future of Internet : "The new algorithm introduces criteria for quality and originality of the content. That is, to appear in top positions of search results is not only important to have been referenced by other web sites, but providing a quality and original content ... As usual, Google has unveiled the new criteria of the algorithm, limited to comment that their evidence shows that after the change, the search results point to original content and higher quality. "

* Changes in Google's algorithm and more : Google just enforce the announced change in its algorithm with factor called "farmer" (farmer) that focuses on eliminating its results farms and so-called web content scrapers who steal usually content with this type of feed ... changes directly affect only large sites. However, you may be able to see benefit in any way small and medium sites, and yet to see the real effects. However, the definition of "farm content" Google may be different for us, so these sites will continue to see good positioning. "

* Google changes its algorithm to combat to farms content, "Google announced a major change in the algorithm of its search engine, which may be imperceptible to most users but it should dramatically improve the quality of search results ... With this, the portal aims to combat content to farms, businesses engaged in producing large amounts of texts to manipulate the algorithms of search engines to attract customers and it clicks and high profits on advertising ... these updates in the searches are designed to reduce traffic content farms usually have low quality materials and are copied from other websites. These changes also allow better prioritization of information, which means that high quality content will be the first to appear. "

should be added that these changes are only available in the United States are unknown criteria that Google has used to make these adjustments in the algorithm and that it focuses on battling flames content farms.


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