Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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Official Trailer" Rage "



This is the official trailer for "Rage" is a English film genre Thriller, directed by Ecuadorian Sebastián Cordero in 2009. José María Rosa is a bricklayer and domestic maid. Are South American immigrants, working in Spain and the last few weeks are a couple.

José María has a volatile personality and a discussion leads to a violent confrontation with his manager, culminating in the accidental death of the latter. Not knowing what to do, takes refuge in the mansion Rosa works, without saying anything to anyone, not even her.

Hidden in the attic abandoned, José María begins a secret life. Between fantasy and "voyeur", listen and watch all aware of the constant risk of being discovered: stealing food at night, and her only company are the rats in the house. From the shadows, becomes the witness of the sad and lonely life of Mr. Torres, also witnessing the daily life of Rosa on the job.
Rosa is loved by the family, but also a victim of several verbal and physical abuse. Helplessly, José María observes everything as his anger grows.
One day, José María discovers a second phone line at home, and call Rosa, without revealing where it is. They start a relationship long distance, waiting to long for the day when they can be together again. But a new revelation will force José María stay hidden.



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