Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wedding Seating Posters By Kinkos

Official Trailer" The Mosquito "


This is the Official trailer of "The Mosquito." The mosquito is an urban drama about a married couple who have no nothing in common other than his son.
The film alternates between Catalan and Castilian but faded on the loves and the absence of love, which inevitably leads to infidelity and emotional relationships dehumanized.
The death of one of the family cats, who live surrounded by animals, only beings by showing some concern, the crisis breaks out and Luis, his only son overprotected by his mother who blames her father for what happened and get it out of the house so.
From that moment begins the dangerous journey to the edge for each of them: Alicia checks how an intentional flirting with the friend of her son, whom she seeks a fondness for unknown brings you great pain, Miquel, also in need of affection, falls into the arms of Anna, a young immigrant who works at home and Luis includes, without flinching, the encounters between her mother and her friend with the only concern of acquiring medication, he says, avoid the pain of their animals.
The film is a snapshot of the moral confusion of the English bourgeois society which brings together elements of tragedy, although it has more of burlesque comedy and drama is also an example of English manners.



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