Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Desmume Roms For Mac Pokemon

Official Trailer" 18 Meals "


This is the official trailer for "18 Meals." It's a life story told in pieces. During the film may travel through 18 meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, making us share in some of those moments that can change a life.
A dozen stories over a single day of fiction: an elderly couple that runs together one of those days that you still have to live together, a street musician who reunited for a few hours, love lost, a cook who wants to sing, a boy who is afraid to admit he is gay his older brother, etc.
These stories, as in life, have an unpredictable course. For 18 meals is an improvisational film. Unlike other films based on improvisation, never rehearse the situation we're going to roll.

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