Thursday, November 11, 2010

Revolution Speed Helmet Facemasks

Official Trailer "Before Starting" Official Trailer Subtitulado


This is the official trailer for "Before Leaving." You only live once why not get out of the routine? That's what they decide to make 2 roommates, terminally ill with cancer, the irrational billionaire (Jack Nicholson) and the cult mechanic (Morgan Freeman), when given the worst news. Then write a list of things before you go, things they wanted to do before you "kick the bucket" - and embark on the greatest adventure of his life around the world. It released a parachute, compete at full speed in a race a Shelby Mustang, admire the Great Pyramid of Khufu. Can they find out what your verdadea felicdad before it is too late? Under the nimble direction of Rob Reiner, the two biggest stars will put their heart, soul, wit and sharpness of this inspirational life story proves that the best moment of all is now.

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