Friday, November 12, 2010

Nadine Jansen &milena Velba

"Assault on Armored Truck" Subtitulado


This is the official trailer of "Assault on Armored Truck." After the death of his parents, Ty Hackett (Columbus Short) returns from active duty in Iraq to deal with a lot of unpaid medical bills, a mortgage and take responsibility for his brother 14 years, Jimmy (Andre Jamal Kinney) . Ty gets a job as a guard at Eagle Shield Security, the same armored truck company he worked for his father. Under the tutelage of his godfather, Chief Michael Cochrane (Matt Dillon), Ty is training for his difficult and, in Many times, dangerous new career.
On the last day of his trial, his co-workers take the young to celebrate. Drink beer and swap stories, reveal flaws in the security system and comment on the failed robbery attempts and those who have been successful. Cochrane has the best story: an unsolved theft in Texas for those who believe have the answer. The only way it could have happened, he says, is whether the guards themselves were the authors of the coup.
When Ty later carried to his house, Cochrane reveals that the incident had been talking to has given him the inspiration to devise the perfect plan. Working with a $ 42 million underway, proposed Cochrane deviate from the path, keeping money in an abandoned warehouse and report the theft. Without victims, bad guys and clueless.
Everything you need to make these six men become wealthier types who could never imagine, is the cooperation of all the guards involved. Cochrane has already convinced the others: the impulsive and impetuous Baines (Laurence Fishburne), the quiet but intense Quinn (Jean Reno), the very nervous and vulnerable Dobbs (Skeet Ulrich) and the ex-convict redeemed Palmer (Amaury Nolasco) . Ty is all that stands between them and their plans for a better life. Initially
Ty refuses to even consider the idea of \u200b\u200bstealing from his company, but the threat of the bank to keep your home and your brother end up in a foster home convinces him to join his comrades, only put one condition: you must promise Cochrane nobody gets hurt.
On the big day, the collection of money takes place smoothly. After making the record with the dispatcher, the men were diverted to the place chosen to hide the money. Full of energy and optimism have to download the money quickly, but an interruption changes the course of events. With his future and millions of dollars at stake, the group of men enters a state of confusion in trying to salvage what they can and in a tragic moment everything changes.



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