Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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Official Trailer" Nagore "



This is the official trailer for "Nagore. "Nagore" is a documentary about the violent death of Nagore Laffage nursing student at the hands of a resident in psychiatry at the University Clinic in Pamplona during the fiesta of San Fermin 2008.
The documentary features the participation of the mother of Nagore, Asun Casasola, a true "Mother Courage" which is the thread of the story.
The film includes the testimonies of relatives and friends of the victim and the views of the various parties involved in the judicial process: the prosecutor, lawyers for both parties and representatives of groups against gender violence, among others.
The film also contains an interesting footage, images of the reconstruction of the crime with the accused and various fragments of the trial, which was followed live by numerous media outlets throughout Spain.



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