Monday, December 22, 2008

External Hdd To Sony Tv

PIC Programming Development Plans Coming

While in talks with some friends, started a project to develop a site for mechatronic think they used to ease jejeje

free applications jejeje xD, we are several ways to develop the project, including on emerging between us between me jeje weno jeje I'm the one who puts the ideas xD jeje development is to use a fully developed site or use a site manager
Site Developed
Action: Web Server
Cherokee language

PHP MySQL DataBase

That on the one hand, on the other it would be used.

Joomla CMS
MySQL DataBase
Cherokee Web Server

hehe as for where it is pure free software lol hehe xD I like more than I would be in charge pensare project now hehe well the best option for the site
at the moment the site is This hoping I change it then this is a test. Luis Alberto Rojas Leal


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