Saturday, December 27, 2008

Man With Large Nipples

On occasions, many of my friends from electronica, are suffering a lot with that of PIC and so on and so on .. I PIC programming is ... The

'PIC' are a family of RISC microcontrollers made by Microchip Technology Inc. and derivatives PIC1650 originally developed by the microelectronics division of General Instruments.

The current name is an acronym. In fact, the full name is PICmicro, although generally used as a Peripheral Interface Controller (Peripheral Interface Controller).

The original PIC was designed for use with the new 16-bit CPU CP16000. Being generally a good CPU, it had poor performance of E / S, and CIP 8-bit was developed in 1975 to improve system performance by removing weight of E / S to PCU. The PIC used simple microcode stored in ROM to perform these tasks, and although the term is not used at that time, it is a RISC design that runs one instruction at a 4-cycle oscillator.

In 1985, this division of General Instruments Microelectronics became a subsidiary and the new owner canceled nearly all the developments, which by this time most were obsolete. The PIC, however, was improved with EPROM to get a programmable channel controller. Today many PICs come with various peripherals including (modules serial communication, UARTs, motor control centers, etc.) and program memory from 512 to 32,000 words (one word corresponds to one assembly instruction, and may be 12, 14 or 16 bits, depending on the specific family PICmicro).

and because among many things and deficiniciones, I found, I found a magazine as a Super Brand hehe not dire but it's a pelican lol xD and he was programming the PIC and I liked it, I'm learning to see how a Packed and all those aspects.

as ami me very interested in what is home automation, mechatronics and all these areas, and because I have to know the functions of electronica xD apart
found many useful applications based on Free Software for programming pic as can be. Gputils
PIC Programming in GNU / Linux / node/65
Other more ...

continue to report on these issues because the truth is of great interest for both electronic and for Mechatronic Systems and Luis Alberto Leal Rojas


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