Monday, December 22, 2008

Lips Dry From Too Much Chapstick

Some Memories Part 3

this is the last issue of memories, until today, because these days he attended a congress of mechatronics, the truth estubo well, the truth that if you counted with and also Gnet was given by the students from the race on basic issues for them, expect to see some development but there was good .. hopefully you can see after

and finally lol and on my days osio, I to samborsito hehe and saw a book that caught my attention and then told me hehe I was gonna buy it lol I hope that when they have the Wool hehe

surprised me with the name like I was saying MONO ejeje program in mono so I though, let's hope this good

me goodbye and hope read something of my life. and therefore at this stage we are leaving the coordination of the user group ITVER free software for getting into other projects, I will not let you use free software, so as always I will be supporting the group that has made me grow, we hope that the next coordinator follow with the same enthusiasm and ideas for the group
: D Exitooo

I do not want to advance but my directions are right now in the mechatronics area, hopefully a big change for the better, but always continue to use Free Software: D is the best I have known: D


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