Monday, December 22, 2008

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Some Memories Party 2

At this time also, I'm metiendome one of my other hobbies, besides the free software world .. that is the mechatronics, I Like this race, but I like it related to her, but in the aspect of software.

these days, there was a robotics course, by the capitulation of mechatronics. who are friends of mine and I really interested in and attended, the truth I am supporting development of a site for the chapter, the truth step by step I'm supporting them because I was the coordinator of the group of free software users ITVER (GUSLITVer )

but in these times she attended learned to build a line follower which to me is my first project ... the more I really want to improve every day in order to program it and because truth is the area that I like best the programming mechatronics

and as slowly as I'm learning and I really like this area, and more than the first half go wrong in logic d eprogramacion hehe I am explaining, but in C on Linux and it hehe Like the free software that
soft3war thereby creating a culture of ebook to them hoping that at some point to use as I use linux hehe

Hopefully the 3 Some of these memories


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