Monday, December 22, 2008

Sample Letter Of Agreement Lease Of Car

Some Memories Part 1

In this period I was not around my blog .. hehe because the truth was very busy, as they have been going great for me because acontesimiento that are relevant, how to support my girlfriend with their subjects hahaha. .. such as probability and statistics bearing on administration jejeje

well I already pass this matter and therefore needs to support what I could, because I discovered that I am better lol explaining or giving talks to explain to one person xD
but hey, among other relevant aspects. was visited by resident hunters to make their practices abroad, the truth became very good friends with the coach and then, but I'm still not stage residences, I can do my social service out, I really very interested in this opportunity
the company that handles these o'portunidades is out and it is something worth invertirne $ 500 USD. but hey, it's an opportunity not to be given twice in life and then finally
jejeje the great, and only awaited review of systems programming xD jajaja

class is a joke but good ay to learn good thing is that I bought my little book of Dragon lol better than the teacher teaches

hehe I hope to Part 2 of these stories that have happened in this time hehe


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