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eliminating common errors Want a six pack of film?

Having a toned and lean abs is possible if you combine exercise and proper nutrition.

An expert in personal training and Nutrition has prepared us to get special training. Follow dietary advice also can get the abs of your dreams. You can see it in pictures!

Get a six-pack is the great object of desire of most men, but according Nacho Villalba, head of the fitness of the Metropolitan club, are not always properly trained to do so. "To have good abs is necessary to combine three types of work: Strength, aerobic exercise and nutritional control," said Nacho, master's degree in fitness and nutrition expert. "Aerobic exercise is essential to achieve abdominal area defined, because for many abdominal we do, we never mark if we do not burn the fat that covers them, "says this expert. According

Nacho, "a time to train the abdominals make many mistakes, like forgetting the work of the lower back, muscularly fundamental to compensate the body and prevent back aches and pains, such as the classic lumbago."
This expert also reminds us that training the abdominal area is not just about aesthetics, "Having a strong and good abdominal muscle tone, together with the lower back, help us fix and stabilize the spine," he says.
"Besides the physical training must follow a nutrition plan to help small to eliminate the fat around the abdominal muscles and mark, "said Nacho.

tone and burn
According Nacho Villalba, head of the "body fitness" of some famous, abdominal work requires a work order justified. "We started with the lower abdomen, as it is the weakest, then we would end up the abdominal obliques and the upper abdomen, which is the stronger party," he says. "Following this line of work will help to hold up well in repeats, as superiors would start to get tired before," explains.

addition, the expert noted the importance of abdominal breathing at work, since it promotes working together and tone of the rectus abdominis. "You have to inspire when the abdominal area is in and expel air when you flex the muscle," he explains.
"By toning specific work is necessary to add aerobic exercise (running, cycling, doing spinning, play paddle tennis, elliptical machine ...) to burn the fat on the abdomen," says Nacho. According to this expert, the intensity and frequency of aerobic work will depend on our physical condition. "Intensify aerobic training will also help us further define the abs, which, combined with a good job of toning will help us get the famous "chocolate." We can best be summarized as follows.

- Beginners
Intensity: 40-70% Time: 25-35 My Days: 2-3
- Media
Intensity: 60-70% Time: 40-50 min Days: 3-4
- Advanced
Intensity: 60 -80% Time: 40-60 min Days: 4-5

Nacho gives the following formula to calculate the percentage of intensity we are working on aerobic capacity:

maximum heart rate = 220 - age (35) = 185 beats / Min

For work, for example, 60%, we'll hold the beats per minute at rest, FCB (basal heart rate), and use the Karvonen Formula:

50 FCB + (185 - 50 x 60%) FC = 131

training "Remember that fat burning is preferable to a larger volume of aerobic work that little (even at high intensity), because in this way helps lipolysis (chemical decomposition of body fat)" clear.

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