Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Women And Male Piercings


abdominal work is one of the most controversial sports,

as most of us make too many mistakes that we have in mind and that are preventing us from evolving. For this reason we will review some of the more usual remedy soon.

Most people who attended the gym believe that more is better, and apply this maxim to practice, especially the abdominal exhausted until exhaustion without realizing that this is a muscle like everything else you need their breaths to recover from the pressure to which we subject every day. It is important that we continue this maxim at face value in order to get trained in a healthy way. Historically

we have been taught that the training should start with the abs, you have to train every day. The abdominals are muscles just like the rest. Yes it is true that they have more resilience than other muscles, but this does not mean that we exhausted and fatigue that will eventually get to a deterioration. It is important to respect the times of rest and not train your abs every day, but two or three times a week has to be more than enough.

train When many are the ones who make endless series of repetitions to work the abdominals. This is a widespread belief, and we always thought that the more the better. Nothing far from reality. The real abdominal training is based on the concentrated work which directly affect the muscles and different parts of the abdominal area. It is therefore essential to conduct exercises focused on the area worked so that they are the muscles that can withstand all the push. In this sense more raw intensity that the number of repetitions that eventually make it work badly and it hurts us to adopt awkward postures.

Another common failure is too long to perform moves when executing the different exercises. Usually in most routines do the psoas into action, as well as the lower back. This is because in most cases by the length of the movements. It is essential, short journeys where the concentration is maximum over the area to working muscles. Along with this we must consider the alignment of the spine, so we should avoid twisting the trunk and turns that can yield an injury.

Another point that we must keep in mind is that not only killing us get a good abdominal tone, but it is essential to remove the fat that covers them and do not let them see. The best way is to do a diet low in calories and fat combined with aerobic exercise such as running, spinning, swimming ... the combination of the three variables is the formula for obtaining a strong and visible abs.

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