Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fell On My Elbow Swollen

Tiny Wings is the new smash hit from the App Store, is the new Angry Birds?

A game called Tiny Wings is the new phenomenon of Apple's App Store, a simple game as addictive and just 4 days after its premiere Top 1 already paid apps in the App Store in the U.S. and Top 4 in the App Store Chile. All this thanks to nothing more than recommendations of these players , there is no advertising involved - If I am right now Apple just put the application in the "New and noteworthy," as one that should boost sales further. It costs $ 0.99 (99 cents).

The game was created by a young German named Andreas Illiger in just four months. This is a nice bird with wings too small to keep flying for a long time due to "thick" texture and should rest after a few seconds, but a lack of large high hills are good. So as to press the screen stop moving the bird wings and is set to "surf" the hills, holding increasingly More flight. After the jump a few videos.

Success has not been without controversy, the author of a game called Wavespark, NMcCoy, claims that Andreas would have copied the gameplay of the game released just a year earlier.

not tell anyone but I bought it and I'm playing, I'm another addict more. Are we facing the new Angry Birds or be a passing phenomenon?.


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