Sunday, February 27, 2011

Reinstalling Wlan On Dell

First details of the second episode of Sonic 4

A Sonic did not sit particularly well the change of generations of consoles, and so Sega chose to return to the roots as much visual playable Sonic The Hedgehog 4.

After great success of the first episode, SEGA has confirmed that they are currently taking care of the second, giving a slight opinion on development.

brand director of the company, Ken Balough has responbdido users in the company's official forums: "Sega America and Sega Europe are giving their feedback on the second episode. The first episode did very well commercially, and with the support of all we are on track for this second, "he says.

"This also means a larger budget. I really see good ideas being carried out for this second delivery. I will not deny that there were some elements that could be better, and I can say for most games I've worked. That is why the second episode will give us the opportunity to improve, "he concludes.


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