Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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How to improve your abs abdominal

Normally there is a misconception that to have a good enough abdomen abdominal exercises, this is not true because if we understand how to improve abs is to have a fat belly without and more or less marked muscles have to work on two objectives:

-strengthen the muscles of the abdomen.
-Delete the overlying fat.

's no use doing hundreds of crunches a day for "belly down" all we're doing is strengthening the muscles but these will be hidden by a layer of fat. Fat removal is not selective, ie not only lose fat in that part working, but throughout the body, so it is best to exercise to remove large amounts of fat and these are the long-term aerobic.

So ideally: Working

different types and variety of abdominal and oblique exercises, involving all the abdominal muscles in the abdomen and more than one muscle (rectus abdominis and oblique). Work

also lower back exercises to avoid decompensation between the front and back of the trunk.

not make them with straight legs. Avoid pain and injury in the lower back.

up exercises in the trunk, just off shoulders and upper back off the mat, because if we come up to work other muscles.

aerobic workout combined with many long-term, more than 45 minutes (continuous running, biking, swimming, aerobics, etc) to remove grease.

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