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The Truth About Abs

"The Truth About Abs is an international bestseller written by the famous and renowned nutritionist and personal trainer Michael Geary .
Michael Geary tries to transmit all his knowledge and next steps for you to get a Abs no need for strong workouts, pills, herbs or any kind of diet.

its Programme The keys are:

1. The main focus of this program is NOT on abdominal exercises ... And, better yet, this program gets better results consistently NOT focusing on abs exercises!

I know that sounds counterproductive, but the truth of the matter is that abdominal exercises are well, maybe if you need to do a certain amount of them to develop the abs as best as possible. But to be honest, most people who are trying to have abs that look better spend much time training the abs directly. What we really need to focus is to burn the extra fat that is covering.

This can only be achieved through a full body workout that maximizes both your metabolic response and your hormonal response to exercise. This is the primary focus of The Abs Truth .

After all, you want to focus most of your efforts on the types of exercises, sequences and combinations that stimulate the biggest increases in testosterone and growth hormone response. This is the aspect of your workout you've been ignoring, lthough it is the most important aspects that will make you slim and scratch!

You just do not get this effect hormonal spending time on flat abs, abs leg lifts, torso twists, and abdominal machines.
Now do not misunderstand me. Not be an abs program if you do not show the most effective exercises to develop your abs as best as possible. We also give detailed instructions and photos on how to correctly do the most effective abdominal exercises.

But like I said, the main focus of this program is the method of my property I use to compile their training routine throughout the body and maximize your fat burning and the effect that boosts your metabolism, as well as increasing production your core muscles and burn fat --- hormones testosterone and growth hormone.

This is the main reason why this program is much more effective for you than any other abs program that has attempted before. You have my word.

2. This program does not use any of your typical, monotonous cardio routines .

In fact, you have to do any typical cardio exercise if you wish! Among others, my recommendations are against cardio

Seriously, almost all programs on the market tell you MUST do endless cardio exercise regularly to lose body fat covering your abdomen. Most of them tell you to do a cardio exercise between 30 and 60 minutes for 3 or 4 days a week, in addition to your strength training routines.

The truth is that this is not only unnecessary, but other may be ineffective. If you are really trying to have your abdomen as flat and fast as possible to go much more detail in the manual, but basically this is about with aspects of your resting metabolic rate (RMR), how much muscle you have, the hormonal response in your body to the types of exercise you do, and the residual calorie burn in the hours and days that followed the exercise.

And the boring cardio routines are ALL WRONG moderate when it comes to maximizing these effects

Seriously, look at all those people that makes no sense in cardio climbers, treadmills, elliptical bikes, gyms, day after day, week after week, year after year. "They look their bodies better than they were last month or last year?

I think NO!

Now you're probably thinking that I'm against typical boring cardio routines, then I must be an advocate for the interval training. If, in fact if I think interval training is MUCH better than typical cardio. However

also use a unique style of selection, combination and sequence of exercises in my program Truth Abs that gets a fat loss and muscle definition more powerful than interval training! And this is important because interval training is the boss in fitness! Find out how this system works in my program.

Want proof that you do not need typical long-term constant cardio?

Well, first of all, recently took a course on scientific research explaining why cardio exercise at a constant rate is among other not so effective to strengthen the heart. The focus of the investigation basically reduced to the fact that the heart needs to be exercised in a variety of ranges to be truly strengthened and ready for all types of stress that daily life sends. Not only that, but cardio exercise at a constant rate was tested in research studies to be less effective in the long term reduction of body fat stores.

To give you a real life example ... Personally I have not done much of what people label as "cardio" in probably a little over 5 years, and among others I'm thinner and I have a fat percentage level lower now that years ago when I did cardio regularly. Not only that, but my heart is in better shape than ever, because now I have consistently heart rate in the rest period between 48 and 50 bpm (remember that the more you lower the better), ie like a athlete. My heart rate at rest period nearly reached 60 bpm years ago when I used to do the typical workout routines cardio and strength that most people do.

improvement both in reducing the percentage of body fat and reducing heart rate at rest period is the direct result of unique training methods I used to develop the programs of The Abs Truth.

3. This program does not require the use of supplements or diet pills.

Believe me when I say that mostly about 95% of supplements are a complete waste of your hard earned money. to me I have been approached several companies supplements in the past giving me lots of money to promote their products. You know I did? I told them to go mad! Seriously, I will not promote something to my readers as honestly do not think so.

The fact is, I've learned over the years, through my own experience, as experiences with supplements of hundreds of clients and friends. These supplements are just selling you the dream of a pill or powder will be a solution "magic" to your struggle to have that body lean, strong and scratch you've been wanting for years. In reality, most supplements do nothing at all to help you improve your body.

not get me wrong ... I'm not discrediting all supplement companies, but as I said about 95% of the products they promote are worthless, and will not produce any noticeable change in your body. I'll admit that there may be a place for meal replacements for people who do not have time to prepare all real food. I also admit that a quick digesting protein like whey quality can be very helpful to mix in a shake after training. And fish oil products are generally beneficial (if they are a reputable company)

But the fact is that REAL FOOD is ALWAYS better for you than processed supplements (as long as you choose the right food). Anyone who tells you otherwise or you have been brainwashed by the propaganda and super-inflated warnings that the supplement companies have put in all the magazines on the planet, or have economic relationships selling supplements.

I have dedicated myself to not be attracted to the lucrative business of selling supplements. Still can make more money selling those products selling this program. Taking money and people, just goes against my morals and my ethics

Frankly I'm amazed that most people are more willing to spend 40, 50 and even $ 100 or more on a bottle of pills or powder that spend less than half in a comprehensive training and nutrition guide like this program, The Truth about Six Pack Abs the left lists in fitness for the rest of their lives with an effective training program and diet secrets that will keep them slim, strong and scratched for life.

All it will do a bottle of pills or powder is to give you expensive urine! You choose.

4. This program does not require the use of smart abdominal machines.

If you have been convinced to buy one of these bands abdominal, abdominal chair, swing axes or any of these gadgets or worthless ab machines, I have bad news ... You were fooled!

The truth is that most of these machines and gadgets are not the best way to develop abdominal muscles. Sure, some of which may help a little tightening the abdomen, but are far less effective than some of the best floor exercise and abdominal hanging up.

addition and more importantly, virtually all of these abs machines, belts and devices will do absolutely NOTHING to burn fat abdominal area! Seriously, they do nothing to help you lose that fat in your stomach.

Again it must be said, to lose the fat that is covering your abdomen can be achieved only with a smart nutritional program, and a very good professional training program designed to increase your metabolism and stimulates your fat-burning hormones and muscle building in your body. Achieving this is simple once you understand the secrets revealed in the program Abs Truth.

5. This program does not include any kind of diets are fads or trends misleading.

None of that here. I promise I will not give you information garbage on the need to eat "low fat" or "low fat", or low or high on anything for this issue. The nutritional secrets I reveal in this program go against the authors and companies and markets that are trying to charm you with any of their lies.

The fact is that they need to go to market with some kind of "blind" different in its communication, so that their diet programs unique look and give something to talk to the media. Esses is why there is always some trick and lie as low fat, low calorie, or high in protein, or "colors diet", "diet indicator glycemic "diet faster, the cabbage diet, Atkins, South Beach ... and many more you know. ∫

Instead of that, I wish you the truth about what really needed to eat a nutritious diet that not only will burn that stubborn belly fat, but also make you feel full of energy every day. If you are not feeling energetic and alive every day, then you're missing something important that this feeling is amazing!

great thing about this is that once you start eating a balanced and healthy all the time, you will virtually eliminate your anxiety. Personally, I used to feel cravings Sweet constantly before take nutritional diet I have now. Now, I can honestly say that I do not remember the last episode of anxiety I had. Should be more than 5 years ago ... no joke!

Not only that, but I enjoy what I eat more than they used to years ago when I ate a lot of garbage. Does this mean I never like hamburgers, pizza or drink beer? Of course not ... we all have a social life. In fact, among others, is very healthy ways and variations to preparing healthier burgers and pizzas that I use occasionally.

The solution to all your problems is in this Great Book published by Michael Geary, author of international bestseller, "The Truth About Abs. This book will change your methods drastically and your body will eventually be defined and a six pack abs.


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