Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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6 Tips to get abs How to get six pack abs

1. We are what we eat. Learn the basics for good nutrition is essential. Avoid fat and fatty foods is essential to obtain a flat stomach. In our table of calories you can find nutritional information for a lot of food.

2. Avoid large meals. Forget the idea main meals. Eat six small meals throughout the day and when you feel full. This reduces the need for your body to convert excess carbohydrates to fatty acid to accumulate around your stomach. This also reduces the need of your stomach and intestines to stretch your stomach muscles out.

3. It is ideal to perform the abdominal exercise before breakfast. A basic routine of 10 sets and 30 repetitions. Stay up time if your goal is to burn the fat around the waist. Stay well hydrated at all times to help your body burn fat.

4. When execute your abdominal exercises focus on the obliques, the muscles of the stomach on both sides of this. shrinks to both sides would be an excellent exercise that involves these muscles. Nor can we forget the back of the back, lower back, which help to strengthen our back and to maintain a balance with the abdominal area.

5. If you want to highlight central abdomen and wear a "six-pack", do abdominal crunches. There are a variety of abdominal exercises, crunches on floor crunches with fitness ball, etc. In our exercise section you can find many more.
6. Resorting to supplements accelerates and simplifies the process of getting a six pack abs.

The solution to all your problems is in this Great Book published by Michael Geary, author of international bestseller, "The Truth About Abs. This book will change your methods drastically and your body will eventually be defined and a six pack abs.


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