Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Sergio Mur, the unmistakable style of "Physics and Chemistry"

The handsome actor who plays one of the teachers of the popular series of Antena 3 shares her wardrobe for the holidays with a wide variety of choices for kids.
If you're tired of the tie and suit that say nothing, Sergio Mur presents his looks more in order to be attractive during the last holiday of the year. Maxi coats with collar, black total look, cowboy shirts and other garments to keep up to date without losing elegance. Girls and boys

Galician long for this actor who mixes the singing aspect of sophisticated rock with glam musician. Copy his style, seemingly careless is not as complicated as it seems.

First, the colors have to use black as a base and then add other colors to make their appearance. Next, the clothing: coats with big collars and tailored jackets in dark colors. In the case of Sergio, his favorites are the blue.

To vary and go a little more casual, you should use the peak or jersey vests with white shirts and denim shirt not to mention a jacket or cardigan gray. The combination is irresistible
both day and night, not expensive and will be a complete surprise for the holidays. facts


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