Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Merilyn Sakova Before

Álex Barahona, Gonzalo Ramos, 'Foq'

Starring the play "The eighties are our" next to other faces on television.
In this season of "Physics and Chemistry" (Antena 3), several actors have left the series, including Gonzalo Ramos and Alex Baker.

However, both actors have gone to agree on a new project, but this time on stage and seeing the faces of the audience: lead the lineup of "The eighties are ours," Ana Diosdado, which opens at the Theatre Haagen-Dazs (Calderon) of Madrid

The cast is completed with other seasoned young actors on the small screen as Natalia Sánchez ("Accused"), Blanca Jara ("LA 40"), Borja Voces ("Guess Who wins tonight"), Claudia Molina ("Ana and 7), Juan Luis Peinado ("Agenda Weekly") and Antonio Hortelano ("Partners") and will be directed by Antonio del Real.

The play revolves around eight young upper-class home to many problems outside of their social status, leading them into conflict with people of lower strata.


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