Sunday, January 23, 2011

How Long To Put The Veneers On

for his performance in THE REPUBLIC

shocked to see the new picture that shows in the Republic, so unlike what he usually does, what do you think?
At first I was fatal. The clothes are not important but ... Have you seen his hair? I was dressed and to work have to be comfortable. Thus, the viewer will believe what you're doing. But it's all a matter of time and I'm used to.

Do you have disfigured?

No, what happens is that I am a girl. In The Republic'm not sexy physics or chemistry, but I'm a hottie.

Do you think having a more modest in the Republic will be valued more interpretative qualities?

May. I no makeup in the series. So then, if not I write, I paint as a door (laughs).

rizarle How fast your hair?

an hour ... And with the clothes I have to help with both button.

says his character is a sweet, what characterizes Beatriz?

is a girl who is kind, pure, virginal, romantic ... He has a special light, but is sick, is tuberculosis. However, the joy of the family.

Will there be any love?

hope, but the same is an impossible love. As I have said something falls, but not in the first season.

Would you bring boyfriends so rebellious as physics or chemistry?

A Beatrice hits it. You

more like Beatrix of The Republic or Ruth in Physics or Chemistry? Beatriz

A I do not look anything, and that's what I like. Ruth had more in common on the basis that it was a character in my own time. Beatrice is a very special girl, glass, seems to be broken if you play it (laughs).

Do not you get the feeling you always have the role of sufferer?

Yes, although in physics or chemistry I have also had comedy. I guess I like more as drama than comedy, though Beatriz I have tried to make the funny side somehow.

Do you think fans of physics or chemistry can be hooked to this series?

have nothing to do, but I believe that The Republic is a series for all audiences because there are actors and characters of all ages. Depends on the interest of the public culturizarse on the country's history.

Almost all actors Foq originals are already out of range, how is your relationship now?

everything is very different. We have grown up, we maintain contact, but not the same as before. In physics or chemistry were together all day: recording, dining, cinema, the holiday weekend ... I'm from Barcelona and only they had them. Now, every one we followed our lead. Did

Maxi Iglesias in his new series, The Protected?

No, I could not. I talked to him and he said that if the Internet did not see me 'bay' (laughs). I have said that is fine and does something very different, smug wrong. I have wanted to see him.

The Republic competes on Monday against the boat, which premiered with a large audience, "fears the competition?

I have wonderful companions in the boat and everyone here should be limited to doing their job and not be influenced by competition, because you can ruin. I think audiences are targeted series totally different, but there is something that we steal from each other.

In The boat is a large number of young actors, "he called you too?

The truth is no.

Would you have liked?

Anything work, welcome whatever, but I wanted to do something completely different.


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